Netflix One Piece ending explained: Who burned Luffy's wanted poster?

1 September 2023, 08:13

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's how Netflix's One Piece live-action ending sets up a possible season 2 and what the identity of the mysterious villain at the end means for Luffy.

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If you're like us, you probably blazed your way through Netflix's One Piece live-action series in one sitting, and you're already forming theories, scouring through Wiki pages about the original manga series and desperately searching for hints as to what's coming next. (Season 2 WHEN!?)

The live-action series follows the overall storyline of the original manga arcs, and the ending of the first season teases the next arc that Luffy and his crew are set to embark on.

Netflix's One Piece ends with a mysterious figure seemingly setting their sights on our hero Luffy, after they ominously burn his wanted poster. The figure's face is never revealed, but based on the smoke and the cigar in hand, it's pretty clear which character from the manga it is.

Spoilers ahead, obviously... but if you want to be spoiled as to who that figure actually is, read ahead for how his appearance sets up a possible season 2.

Netflix's One Piece ending explained: How does it set up season 2?

One Piece live-action ending: Who burned Luffy's wanted poster?
One Piece live-action ending: Who burned Luffy's wanted poster? Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the ending of One Piece episode 8!

Do not read ahead if you have not finished the full season.

WARNING: One Piece spoilers ahead!
WARNING: One Piece spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

After defeating Arlong and freeing Nami from his crew, Luffy takes on Garp who arrives to arrest him once and for all.

Things don't go to plan... Luffy puts his Devil Fruit powers to good use but they are no match for Garp who manages to thwart him. In the end, it turns out that Garp was merely testing Luffy, and sets him free. He also finally gives Luffy his number one wish... Well, number two wish, if you consider wanting to be the 'King of the Pirates' Luffy's dream.

At the end of episode 8, Luffy's face finally appears on a wanted poster, with his bounty set at 30 million... the highest in East Blue.

The Straw Hat Crew then set sail on their way to the Grand Line in search of the One Piece treasure, but the final scene of episode 8 reveals a huge, powerful villain that is set to stand in their way.

Who burns Luffy's wanted poster at the end of One Piece on Netflix?

Who burned Luffy's poster at the end of One Piece?
Who burned Luffy's poster at the end of One Piece? Picture: Netflix

For those viewers who have not read the original manga, the figure shown right at the end of the last episode will be a mystery to you. The scene in question, where the figure burns Luffy's wanted poster is also not in the original manga...

The person burning Luffy's wanted poster is Captain Smoker. Smoker is a member of the Marines, located on Loguetown, presumably the next location that the Straw Hat Crew will be hitting up on their quest, and the final arc in the East Blue Saga.

Smoker also has Devil Fruit powers that allow him to create clouds of smoke at will, and is dead set on stopping Luffy and his crew before they enter the Grand Line. The huge bounty on Luffy's head, making him the most wanted pirate, also helps.

If the show is renewed, it looks like Smoker will now become season 2's main villain. If Luffy and the gang want to make it to the Grand Line, they will have to defeat Smoker...

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