Here’s how to watch Normal People on Hulu

27 April 2020, 17:37

Watch the trailer for Hulu’s Normal People adaptation

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Normal People is the new TV adaption of original novel by Sally Rooney, following modern relationships and all of their messiness. It's currently available on BBC iPlayer, but here's how you'll be able to watch online in the US very soon...

If you're not already all over Twitter shouting about Sally Rooney's Normal People, there's a good chance you will be very soon, because the long-awaited TV adaption just dropped, and we're in love. Literally.

The 12-part series that follows the messiness of modern relationships in all of their glory is already available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer, and US users will be able to jump on the bandwagon in mere days, when it comes to streaming service Hulu. No dodgy VPN changes needed here.

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The TV adaption is based off of Sally Rooney's best-selling New York Times novel of the same title.
The TV adaption is based off of Sally Rooney's best-selling New York Times novel of the same title. Picture: BBC

Main characters Connell and Marianne, played by Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, follow each other through school and university, but things are far from easy due to their family dynamics (Connell's mum is Marianne's family cleaner) and the two blossom socially at different stages of their lives - a little different than the rom-com structure we're used to on-screen.

The TV adaption, based on the original book of the same title, has already received a wealth of five-star reviews from major critics, and it's the perfect weekend binge-watch that sums up what it's like to navigate your way through dating in 2020, minus relying on Tinder's ELO score to measure your self-worth.

How can I watch Normal People in the US?

If you're in the US, there's a good chance you've already frantically Googled how to change your VPN's country to allow access to iPlayer, but fear not! Normal People will be arriving on streaming service Hulu on 29th April, and is even available to stream as part of the great value service's $5.99 a month plan.

Luckily, for those suffering from lockdown boredom, they're also currently offering a one-month free trial, which should be plenty of time to cram in all 12 episodes if there's nothing else that takes your fancy.

The show is already available in full for UK users, but if you're not the sit-and-watch-it-all-in-seven-hours type, it's coming in weekly episodes to BBC One at 9pm BST.

Normal People Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Who is in the cast of Normal People?

Lead characters, Connell and Marianne, are played by 24-year-old Paul Mescal in his TV debut, and Daisy Edgar-Jones who fans may recognise from Silent Witness and fellow BBC show, Cold Feet.

Sarah Greene plays Connell's straight-talking mother Lorraine and Game Of Thrones' Frank Blake has taken on the role of Marianne's brother Alan.

The role of Rachel, a girl who has a crush on Connell at school, and doesn't get along with Marianne because of the attention he pays her, is played by Leah McNamara, and former Skins star Sebastian de Souza will be Marianne's first university boyfriend.

There's a lot of familiar faces in the line-up, but we can't wait to see Paul Mescal make his first major on-screen appearance.

Will there be a season 2 of Normal People?


In an interview with RadioTimes whether he wanted to make a season two, Normal People director Lenny Abrahamson said that he'd love to revisit the characters "in ten years time" and leading actor Paul Mescal adding "I put my hand up and say I’d play Connell until the cows come home.”

There's hope!