5 New Christmas Films To Watch Once You’ve Watched Love Hard

26 November 2021, 16:40

There's a bunch of new Christmas films available to stream now
There's a bunch of new Christmas films available to stream now. Picture: Netflix

By Kathryn Knight

It’s Christmas movie szn, get comfy.

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Love Hard kicked off the Christmas-movie schedule for us this year, and if you’re the keen festive type chances are you’ve already watched it.

Netflix are among the streaming platforms gifting us new movies for Christmas, but there’s also a reason to hit the cinema this December thanks to Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s big screen debut.

There are also a couple of additions from last year’s festive schedule that we reckon will remain a Christmas watch mainstay for the foreseeable.

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Love Hard was 2021’s must-see according to the internet, as journalist Natalie (Nina Dobrev) meets her perfect match on a dating app only to discover she’s been cat-fished.

Ever the Christmas crowd-pleaser, it obviously takes a super romantic turn when she demands the imposter introduce her to the guy he based his profile on, but only if she pretends to be his girlfriend first.

Here’s five Christmas movies to watch once Love Hard’s got you all in your feels…

1. The Princess Switch 3

Just when you’d wrapped your head around Vanessa Hudgens playing three different characters in the second Princess Switch, the High School Musical alumni returned with a third instalment; The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

It’s as chaotic yet unmissable as we’d imagined and fans are obsessed.

The Princess Switch 3 is available to stream on Netflix now.

2. Boxing Day

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne makes her movie debut this Christmas in Boxing Day, as Georgia, the ex-girlfriend of lead Melvin.

Melvin lives in Hollywood but decides to head back to London for the Holidays with his American fiancée who wants to meet his family. Things turn hilarious and chaotic as Melvin and his fiancée Lisa run into his ex-girlfriend, Georgia – and that’s before they’ve even met his eccentric British-Caribbean family.

Boxing Day is in cinemas on 3 December.

3. Single all the Way

Single All the Way is now available on Netflix
Single All the Way is now available on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

A classic rom-com to properly warm your heart, Single All The Way sees besties Peter and Nick (Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers) pretend they’re dating so Peter can spend Christmas unbothered by his family urging him to get into a relationship.

Obviously, the BFFs get on super well as a pretend couple and you can pretty much guess how things go from there.

Single All The Way is available to watch on Netflix from 2 December.

4. A Castle for Christmas

A Castle for Christmas is new to Netlix for 2021
A Castle for Christmas is new to Netlix for 2021. Picture: Netflix

Who else loves nothing more than an American icon finding love in the Scottish hills? Brooke Shields plays a successful author looking to buy a castle in Scotland after her grandfather told her stories of the grand estate throughout her childhood.

She discovers the castle’s owner (played by Cary Elwes) isn’t budging despite her purchase, and they face some conflict – and romance – along the way.

A Castle for Christmas is available to watch on Netflix now.

5. The Holidate

The Holidate gave us the Christmas cheering up we all deserved in 2020 when it landed on Netflix.

Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, much like the likes of Single All The Way, Sloane and Jackson decide to be each other’s plus-ones throughout every holiday occasion of the year.

That is until they catch feelings of course.

The Holidate is available to stream on Netflix now.

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