Is Wednesday Addams a witch? Her powers and Goody Addams explained

23 November 2022, 16:05 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 10:12

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What powers does Wednesday Addams have? Is she a witch? Who is Goody Addams? After 8 episodes of Netflix's Wednesday, here's what you need to know. [SPOILERS!]

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The Supernatural and supernatural abilities have always been part of the Addams family, but in Netflix's Wednesday, the new teenage version of Wednesday Addams has powers of her own.

In the Netflix series, Wednesday possesses psychic abilities that allow her to see glimpses into the past and future. They're completely out of her control, and she can't force them. They only happen when she touches something that triggers a vision within her mind.

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Described by Wednesday herself, her visions are like "electroshock therapy without the satisfying afterburn." But what do they mean? How did Wednesday get them? And what does Goody Addams have to do with them? Is she a witch?

Here's everything you need to know about Wednesday Addams' powers and how they help her solve Nevermore's mystery.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Netflix's Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams' psychic visions explained

Wednesday's powers explained: What do her visions mean? Who is Goody Addams?
Wednesday's powers explained: What do her visions mean? Who is Goody Addams? Picture: Netflix

What are Wednesday's powers?

Unlike the rest of the students at Nevermore, who all have varying varieties of powers (including the ability to turn into a werewolf and entrance others with siren abilities), Wednesday has the unique power of psychic visions.

Wednesday's visions began a few months before she left for Nevermore, and viewers see one of her early ones when she finds Pugsley stuffed into a locker and is immediately locked into a vision of the boys who did it to him.

Wednesday explains her powers explicitly in episode 5: "Sometimes, when I touch someone or something, I get these very violent glimpses from the past or future. I don't know how to control it."

Xavier Thorpe, whose father is a world-famous psychic, also echos Principal Weems' concerns, telling Wednesday that visions "can't be trusted" as they only show one part of the picture.

How did Wednesday get her powers?

Wednesday's psychic visions run in the family. It's revealed by Principal Weems that Morticia also had psychic visions, and hers were often "notoriously unreliable and dangerous."

In episode 5, Morticia explains her own powers to Wednesday and reveals why they are different. Thanks to Morticia's more positive disposition, she is considered a Dove. In contrast, Wednesday is a Raven because of her darker, more macabre personality.

Morticia also explains that they can't hone or control their psychic abilities by themselves. A ancestor from their bloodline will reach out to help and guide them when they are ready. That's where Goody Addams comes into play...

Wednesday's ancestor Goody Addams was a witch who killed Joseph Crackstone
Wednesday's ancestor Goody Addams was a witch who killed Joseph Crackstone. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix!

Don't scroll ahead until you've watched the final episode!

WARNING: Wednesday spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Wednesday spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

What visions does Wednesday see?

As Morticia explains, Wednesday is a raven which means her visions are stronger, more potent and more powerful than her own. That means Wednesday is able to see much more violent glimpses, aiding her in her quest to solve the mystery at Never, and the identity of the Hyde monster.

Through touch, Wednesday is able to see random visions of various students (Rowan, Eugene) being attacked by the Hyde, and eventually the true identity of the person who is the Hyde. True enough, her visions almost lead her down the wrong path, just as Weems and Xavier warned her.

Wednesday also frequently sees glimpses into the past involving one of her ancestors Goody Addams, and Joseph Crackstone. It turns out that Goody is the dead ancestor that has reached out to Wednesday to guide her through her visions.

Who is Goody Addams? What do Wednesday's Goody Addams visions mean?

Goody Addams is an outcast and an ancestor of Wednesday's who existed way back in the day of the witch trials. Wednesday's visions show Goody and her outcast family being witch hunted and killed by Joseph Crackstone. Goody manages to escape and vows to get her revenge on Crackstone. She eventually kills him and seals him in a casket with a blood lock.

Goody was also the founder of the Nightshade society, aiming to protect outcasts from normies seeking revenge.

Wednesday finds out all of this in her visions, and in the end, it's Goody who ends up saving her life in the final fight against the resurrected Crackstone. An earlier vision of Goody also reveals to Wednesday that she is the "key". She also shows her a vision of the Gates house that pushes Wednesday closer to the mystery. Wednesday later realises that it's herself who has to kill Crackstone.

After being stabbed by Crackstone, Goody appears to Wednesday as a spirit thanks to the necklace Morticia gave her. Goody saves Wednesday's live by combining herself with Wednesday. Goody's spirit completely heals her, and is now, we assume, never to be seen again.

Goody Addams appears in Wednesday's visions and helps her solve the Nevermore mystery
Goody Addams appears in Wednesday's visions and helps her solve the Nevermore mystery. Picture: Netflix

It now seems like Wednesday understands and has a much better grasp on her powers thanks to Goody's guidance. But how will they aid her against her creepy new stalker that popped up at the end of season 1? Will we meet more Addams family ancestors as they continue to help hone her skills as a psychic? Or, now that Goody's spirit lives within Wednesday, will she have total control over them?

We'll have to find out if season 2 is confirmed...

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