'The Princess Switch' & 'A Christmas Prince' Crossover Is Making Everyone So Happy

20 November 2020, 16:28

'The Princess Switch' & 'A Christmas Prince' just got a crossover
'The Princess Switch' & 'A Christmas Prince' just got a crossover. Picture: Netflix

'The Princess Switch' sequel has dropped on Netflix are viewers are freaking out as they spot the ultimate 'A Christmas Prince' crossover in the festive flick...

The Princess Switch sequel Switched Again is finally upon us and fans are absolutely living for the crossover with A Christmas Prince, spotting characters from a different film in a very important scene of the second instalment- and their Christmas has been made early!

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Yup, fans' theory about the connected worlds of the Netflix original movies has finally been proven to be true as two characters from A Christmas Prince, Queen Amber and King Richard, were spotted as guests in the (spoiler alert), coronation scene of the Vanessa Hudgens film.

It's safe to say the crossover moment has people shook!

Fans have taken to Twitter to give their stamp of approval on the subtle but sweet connecting of two worlds.

One wrote: "ooh there was a brief crossover of the princess switch and the christmas prince so cute."

Another said: "OMG A CHRISTMAS PRINCE/PRINCESS SWITCH CROSSOVER!!!!! What did we do to deserve this."

Yup, fans have long suspected a crossover could become a reality, as eight festive, original films on the streaming site are produced by the same production company, MPCA.

There have been tiny clues in previous films, but this is the first actual crossover of characters in each other's worlds, and now, Netflix has even drawn a 'tree' of all the breadcrumbs that have been left.

So, we have a sequel to the Princess Switch, and something tells us Netflix isn't done with these festive flicks yet and now they know fans are so fond of these crossovers, the opportunities for movies is quite literally endless!

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