Is Joe Exotic 'The Tiger King' Still In Jail? Netflix's Latest Star In COVID-19 Isolation In Jail

2 April 2020, 14:10

Is Joe Exotic still in prison as he's sentenced to 22 years behind bars?
Is Joe Exotic still in prison as he's sentenced to 22 years behind bars? Picture: PA/Netflix The Tiger King

Netflix’s The Tiger King sees anti-hero, Joe Exotic behind bars for his Carole Baskin plot - but is he still in prison? And is he still facing charges? Spoilers ahead.

By now, it's likely you've binged the entire Netflix series Tiger King, much like everyone else in the world, whilst on lockdown, a docu-series that came just at the right time and left everyone saying the same thing…. WTF.

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Joe Exotic, the self-titled 'Tiger King' fell from grace, going from owning one of the biggest big cat parks in the US, to being put in jail for attempting to hire somebody to kill his arch nemesis and fellow big cat lover, Carole Baskin, and for killing a load of his 'beloved' big cats - so, is Joe Exotic still in jail?

Here's what you need to know about Joe Exotic, the Tiger King, and his prison sentence now:

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Is Joe Exotic still in prison?

Yep, Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving a 22-year sentence at a prison in Texas after he was convicted in 2019 of 17 charges of animal abuse and two counts of murder for hire (trying to pay someone else to kill Carole.)

In true Joe Exotic style, as well as seeking over $78M in damages to cover his personal property loss, he is looking for a presidential pardon from US President Donald Trump, because he was never going to take the conviction lying down!

We'd totally watch the second series if this ever played out, just saying.

Joe Exotic's mugshot taken in January 2019
Joe Exotic's mugshot taken in January 2019. Picture: PA

Will Joe Exotic get let out of prison due to the Coronavirus?

Joe's husband, Dillon Passage, told US presenter and radio host, Andy Cohen, that Joe had recently moved prisons and subsequently into isolation after the COVID-19 pandemic spread in his previous facility, and prisoners started to catch it.

There is no indication that Joe has tested positive for the virus, however.

Celebs who want Joe Exotic out of prison

Cardi B landed herself in hot water when she live tweeted watching the series, saying she wanted to start a GoFundMe to help Joe Exotic, who had been 'done dirty' and will 'soon be free.'

It is something she's since claimed was a joke, but admits he 'needed better representation.'

Cardi B says she was joking about defending Joe Exotic
Cardi B says she was joking about defending Joe Exotic. Picture: Twitter @iamcardib

Is Joe Exotic likely to get out of prison early?

Seeing as he was only recently sentenced, and for such a long time, it is seriously unlikely Joe will be getting out of prison anytime soon, unless his entire conviction is overturned.

However, even incarcerated, Joe is said to be delighted with his newfound fame, a director of the series, Rebecca Chaiklin, told The Los Angeles Times, which, having watched the series, we can only believe to be true!

Joe Exotic with one of his tigers in 2016
Joe Exotic with one of his tigers in 2016. Picture: PA

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