Netflix & Chills: All The Horror Films Dropping For Halloween

20 September 2019, 10:43

Netflix and Chills is coming!
Netflix and Chills is coming! Picture: netflix

Netflix’s Halloween line up of horror films has been announced and we can’t wait!

Netflix has announced they are dropping new, original horror films in time for Halloween.

Here are all the movies coming to our screens:

In The Shadow of the Moon - 27 September

In The Tall Grass - 4 October

Fractured - 11 October

Eli - 18 October

Rattlesnake - 25 October

Netflix and Chills
Netflix and Chills. Picture: Twitter

In The Shadow Of the Moon

In The Shadow Of the Moon stars Narco’s Boyd Holbrook as a detective who is pursuing a serial killer whose crimes defy scientific explanation.

In The Tall Grass

Based on the horror novel by Stephen King and Joe Hill, the film stars Patrick Wilson and centres around a brother and sister who venture into a field in Kansas where they hear a lost young boy.

They soon encounter a force that leaves them unable to escape the field.

In The Tall Grass
In The Tall Grass. Picture: Twitter


Avatar’s Sam Worthington stars as a father on a mission, when his daughter becomes injured on the way home from their holiday road trip.

Him and his wife take her to a mysterious hospital, which takes a turn for the worse.


Starring Charlie Shotwell, Eli tells the story of a young boy with a mysterious illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the world.

Eli. Picture: Twitter


Rattlesnake centres around, Carmen Ejogo, who plays a single mother left to deal with a deadly bargain she made with a stranger, when her daughter gets bitten by a rattlesnake in the middle of the desert.

At least we won’t be short of plans for Halloween!

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