Derry Girls Series 2 Removed From Netflix As They Accidentally Posted It 'Too Early'

15 July 2020, 15:05

Derry Girls series 2 removed by Netflix after being posted too early
Derry Girls series 2 removed by Netflix after being posted too early. Picture: Derry Girls Channel 4/Netflix

Netflix has apologised after removing series 2 of Derry Girls after just two days as they accidentally posted the comedy series too soon.

Derry Girls series 2 has been removed from Netflix after just a matter of days, as the streaming service admits they accidentally posted the series too soon in what's honestly quite a hilarious mess up.

People innocently streaming the show that disappeared out of thin air have flooded Twitter asking where the show went, with Netflix forced to hold their hands up.

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Taking to their Twitter page, as they often do when a popular show is added to their service, Netflix UK & Ireland announced: "Derry Girls S2 is now on Netflix if you were looking for an excuse to watch it again", much to the delight of fans of the Northern Irish comedy series.

However, it wasn't long before streamers ran into trouble whilst watching the second series as it suddenly disappeared mid-stream, with one user writing, "I was watching Derry Girls s2 and it just disappeared- am i going mad."

Another said: "I was just finishing episode 3 and the 'next episode' thing didn’t come up which i thought was weird, checked it afterwards and it was gone."

'Derry Girls' fans wonder why series 2 disappeared from Netflix
'Derry Girls' fans wonder why series 2 disappeared from Netflix. Picture: Twitter

So, not four days later did Netflix have to quote their own tweet to clear up why the series, which had been in the trending bar, had suddenly gone missing, writing:

"UPDATE: it looks like we were a bit early with this one so have had to take season two down for now. We'll let you know when it's coming back as soon as we can. In the meantime, it's available now on All 4."

So, if you've found yourself half way through the series and more frustrated than you'd car to admit, don't worry!

Netflix has said for the time being, you can still watch all the series of the comedy on All 4, so all hope is not lost!

We're sure everyone will be able to get over it, even if people are still a little raw about it right now!

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