Netflix Dare Me: Who Is Willa Fitzgerald? Everything We Know About Actress Who Plays Coach Colette French

17 March 2020, 14:09

Who is Willa Fitzgerald?
Who is Willa Fitzgerald? Picture: Instagram

Who is Willa Fitzgerald? Here’s everything we know about the actress who plays Coach Colette French in Netflix’s Dare Me.

Netflix’sDare Me’ drops on 20th March, 2020, and it's about to be your new obsession.

One of the main characters is Coach Colette French. But who is the actor who plays her? How old is she and who is she dating? Here’s everything we know…

Who is Willa Fitzgerald?

Willa Fitzgerald is an American actress who rose to fame after appearing as Emma Duval in MTV’s Scream.

How old is Willa Fitzgerald?

Willa was born on January 17th, 1991, and is 29 years old!

She described her parents as 'hippies' and says she was raised on organic food and taught to meditate from a young age.

Who is Willa Fitzgerald dating?

The ‘Dare Me’ star is in a relationship with boyfriend Gabe Kennedy who co-owns a hemp and herbal company.

How tall is Willa Fitzgerald?

The actress is 5 foot 5.

What is Willa Fitzgerald’s Instagram?

Her handle is @willafitz and she currently has 263k followers.

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#tbt last summer with @healthy_ish

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How did Willa Fitzgerald get famous?

She’s starred in several TV shows, including Alpha House and Royal Pains and has also appeared in many plays, from 'Couple in the Kitchen' to 'The Private Sector' to 'Cow Play' to 'The Cat and the Canary'.

Willa always wanted to work in the industry and once said in an interview: “I realised there was kind of nothing else that I really wanted to do as badly as I wanted to be an actor.

"It has created such an expansive feeling for me, and it is so interesting to me.”

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