Netflix’s All The Bright Places is giving us major To All The Boys vibes

27 February 2020, 14:50

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Netflix's All The Bright Places film is on the streaming platform as of 28th February, and stars Elle Fanning, Justice Smith play Violet and Theodore, two troubled teens struggling with mental health issues, who meet and change each others lives.

Tissues at the ready, because Netflix's latest coming-of-age film, All The Bright Places, has already secured the spot as our weekend binge-watch.

The film, starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, sees romance blossom between two teens (Violet and Theodore) who are struggling with mental health issues, more specifically Bipolar disorder, and change each others lives when they meet.

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All The Bright Places is Netflix's latest movie starring Elle Fanning that To All The Boys fans can't get enough of.
All The Bright Places is Netflix's latest movie starring Elle Fanning that To All The Boys fans can't get enough of. . Picture: NETFLIX

This one is definitely for fans of To All The Boys, as we see Violet dealing with the loss of her sister, but still manages to find love again - despite dealing with survivor's guilt along the way.

Justice himself, who plays Theodore, previously starred in the adaption of the John Green movie, Paper Towns, so has already built a loyal fan base with those of us who love a good sob into our popcorn.

The movie sees Theodore healing scars from his past, when he meets Violet, and the pair work together on a school project, creating an instant bond that neither of them have felt for a long time. This is the second Netflix Original movie of 2020 to cover bipolar, with the first being Spinning Out.

Netflix themselves have said the film "provides a refreshing and human take on the experience of mental illness, its impact on relationships, as well as the beauty and lasting impact of young love."

The story is based on the original book by Jennifer Niven, which came out in 2015 and has an extremely high rating among avid readers - and she's also helped to write the movie adaption.

With I Am Not Okay With This also dropping on Netflix this week, and the newest addition to the To All The Boys franchise becoming one of our firm favourites, there's no shortage of teen drama to see us through the weekend.

What is the release date for All The Bright Places?

All The Bright Places will be streaming on Netflix from 8am GMT on 28th February, and will be available to stream in all regions.

Who stars in All The Bright Places?

Most notably, Elle Fanning will take on the role of main character, Violet Markey, and Justice Smith (Pokemon Detective Pikachu) will play her love interest Theodore Finch.

Elle Fanning was confirmed as Violet Markey months before the book even released. The actress was Jennifer Niven’s first choice for the leading role.

Love, Simon actress, Alexandra Shipp, will also be Finch's older sister and caretaker, Kate.

Where was All The Bright Places filmed?

It was primarily filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, USA - although the movie is set in Indiana.

Will there be an All The Bright Places sequel?

There's currently no plans to make a second movie, but the story leaves off so that it's not actually necessary to have one. You'll understand when you watch it.