Jane the Virgin reveals who the narrator is with shock season 5 finale ending

1 August 2019, 18:29

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The emotional ending of Jane the Virgin confirms a fan theory about the narrator.

After 100 hilarious and heartwarming episodes, the Jane the Virgin ending has aired and we now know who the narrator is.

As soon as Jane the Virgin premiered in 2014, we've been obsessed with it. From its telenovela inspired storylines to its cast of incredible characters, it's impossible not fall in love with the CW drama. The show features everything from dramatic love triangles (are you team Michael or team Rafael?) to glamorous villains (Sin Rostro really did a number on everyone). Not to mention, literally every single episode makes us laugh and cry. We couldn't be more sad to see the beloved series end.

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Now the Jane the Virgin season 5 finale is here and the comedy-drama has revealed the identity of the narrator.

How did Jane the Virgin end and who is the narrator?

Jane the Virgin reveals who the narrator is in surprise season 5 finale ending twist (The CW)
Jane the Virgin reveals who the narrator is in surprise season 5 finale ending twist (The CW). Picture: Netflix

And the narrator is... Mateo! Yes. Everyone who came up with that fan theory is right. How did we get here though? Well, the Jane the Virgin season 5 finale opens with Jane and Rafael preparing for their wedding. However, Xiomara and Rogelio then cut the celebrations momentarily by telling Jane and Raf that they're moving to New York for Rogelio's show This Is Mars. Jane is emotional but understands that this is what's best for them.

Mateo is less accepting though. He unpacks Xo's boxes to try and get her to stay. Jane tries to explain to him that they can FaceTime Xo every night. Mateo replies: "It's not the same". The narrator adds: "I know how you feel buddy". Later we see, Petra get emotional at Jane and Raf's rehearsal dinner. Jane leaves it early to edit the ending of her book. Raf is upset because he thought Jane was writing her marriage vows. He's already written his and Jane still hasn't.

They talk it out and Jane explains to Raf that she left writing her vows so long because she already knew exactly what she wanted to write. She then goes to stay with Xo and Alba the night before her wedding. The next day, Raf calls to ask Jane whether she got her final edits in for her book and she tells him that she didn't hand them in because she wanted to dedicate her wedding day to Raf, not her book. Raf then secretly hands the edits in himself.

There's a bit of a kerfuffle though. Raf gets trapped in a parking lot and he's arrested for breaking a barrier trying to escape but Jane bails him out and the two of them head to their wedding. Meanwhile, Petra's ex girlfriend, Jane Ramos, surprises Petra and confess her love for her at the wedding. Petra kisses her. We also find out that Rafael is a huge success in America with a flash-forward of him on the cover of Vanity Fair.


Jane and Raf then get married but they are crying so much that they hand each other their vows instead of reading them out loud. And here's where the official Mateo reveal comes in. During the wedding, Mateo reads a poem. Jane then praises him and Matteo says: "I practiced with great grandma, she said I would be great at voiceover work". The narrator then adds: "And for the record I am".

The final scene then shows Jane and Rafael sitting outside their wedding reception alone. Raf says: "So I never asked. What happens at the end of your book?" Jane replies: "they make it into a telenovela", winks at the screen and the episode ends. In other words, Jane the Virgin is the telenovela adaptation of Jane's actual book and the real Matteo has been narrating it this whole time.

BRB crying from now until the end of time.

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