Who plays Moose on Riverdale? This is why Cody Kearsley is leaving

7 February 2019, 17:31

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Kevin (Casey Cott) and Moose (Cody Kearsley) broke up on Riverdale in the latest episode and fans are absolutely devastated.

As far as break ups go in the town of Riverdale, you can always expect them to be emotional AF. In season 2, there was the short-lived Bughead break up (single tear), in season 3, there was the heart-wrenching Varchie break up (sob) and in the latest episode, there was perhaps the most tragic break up of them all... Kevin Keller and Moose Mason (full on wailing.)

Episode 12, titled 'Bizarrodale', saw the Core Four take a backseat so we could finally focus on the lives, struggles and romantic dalliances of Toni Topaz (and Cheryl), Josie McCoy, Reggie Mantle and our beloved Kevin Keller (played so brilliantly by Casey Cott). And my God, it was honestly one of the best episodes so far.

Archie and Josie take things to the next level in the trailer for Riverdale season 3, episode 13

For Kevin's storyline, we explored his relationship with the closeted Moose (played by Cody Kearsley). The pair have been quietly on-and-off since season one but in this episode, it all came to a head with ultimatums, confrontations, Bunker Sexy Time™, one terrifying Gargoyle King kidnap plot and one absolutely devastating break up that reduced the fandom to tears.

Kevin and Moose break up on Riverdale
Kevin and Moose break up on Riverdale. Picture: The CW

If you haven't watched the episode yet, here's a very quick run down of what happened between Kevin and Moose: Kevin asks Moose to be his date to his dad's wedding. He says no, because he's not out. Kevin gets frustrated and tells Cheryl about it. Moose is then "outed" by Cheryl in a blind item broadcast across the school tannoy system and Kevin gives him an ultimatum.

Later in the episode, Moose reveals that he finally came out to his dad. They head to Dilton's filthy filthy sex bunker to do some bits before being rudely interrupted by a gang of Gargoyles. They're dragged out in their underwear into the forest where they're forced to drink poison from the chalices and face the Gargoyle King - SURPRISE, HE'S BACK!


Turns out, the "Gargoyle King" in this instance was actually Moose's dad who decided to scare both Kevin and Moose straight. He's arrested and when Moose comes into school the next day, he reveals to Kevin that he's leaving Riverdale to go and live with his aunt in Glendale.

Kevin, who thought he'd finally found love, is absolutely devastated and after an emotional goodbye, watches Moose leave with tears streaming down his face.

Koose, as they'll now forever be known, literally made it official and broke up within the space of 42 minutes and the fandom, who liiiiiiiterally just started shipping them, is now absolutely devastated.

"I'm gonna miss you Marmaduke..." BRB, CRYING 4 EVER.

"But why did Moose have to leave?!" we hear you cry... Well, it was because Kearsley had been cast in another TV show called Daybreak. It was announced a while ago that Kearsley had got another gig so fans had been speculating about how and when Moose would leave the show. Riverdale even gave a little nod to Daybreak with Moose's next destination by name dropping Glendale, where the post-apocalyptic high school drama is set.

Of course, with Moose only moving away and thankfully not dying at the hands of the Gargoyle King, it leaves the door open for Cody Kearsley's return in the future.