Married At First Sight UK’s First Episode Suffers Awkward Technical Glitch

31 August 2021, 10:50

Married at First Sight UK suffered a technical glitch
Married at First Sight UK suffered a technical glitch. Picture: E4
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By Capital FM

Married at First Sight viewers were frantically trying to catch up on the first episode, after the show crashed halfway through its premiere.

Fans have been looking forward to Married at First Sight UK’s return since the beginning of this year, so when the episode cut out halfway through episode one viewers were livid.

The series’ website went down during an advert break, just as contestant Megan was breaking the news of her upcoming marriage to her family.

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“The E4 website is misbehaving,” one person tweeted.

Married at First Sight UK is back
Married at First Sight UK is back. Picture: E4

“Come on @E4Tweets I need my #MAFSUK and the e4 player’s down,” fumed another.

“So excited for #MAFSUK all day and then All4 decides to crash and have technical issues during the episode,” added a third.

During the crash a message popped up explaining the site was having “technical issues.”

Things started glitching just as Megan told her mum Jackie and twin brother Mitchell about her bombshell nuptials.

Her family members didn’t respond, leading Megan to ask: “No words?”

Mum Jackie stormed out of the room after saying: “Seriously? Oh my god.”

Megan was paired with Bob due to their shared love of musicals and tight-knit families.

She revealed she had an entire scrapbook planning out her dream wedding, despite never having had an “official relationship.”

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