MAFS Australia's Lauren Before And After: Everything She's Said About Cosmetic Surgery

14 March 2024, 16:53

MAFS star Lauren has spoken about getting fillers and botox
MAFS star Lauren has spoken about getting fillers and botox. Picture: Nine/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Married at First Sight bride Lauren has gone through a transformation with fillers and botox. Here's what she looked like before and what she looks like now.

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In series 11 of Married at First Sight Australia, bride Lauren has caught the attention of viewers, not just because she is one of the most outspoken brides on the show but because they have dug up photos from her past and noticed she looked very different.

After seeing some comments from internet trolls Lauren decided to speak out about what work she had or hadn't had done. However, she insisted that 'nothing but her face is fake' as she revealed she regularly gets filler and botox.

Seeming unfazed whilst talking to Daily Telegraph Australia, she said: "I've been told at times I look like a stuffed pig with an apple in my mouth on TV – that has definitely been a topic of conversation so far."

Despite the internet trolls, the 32 year old remains positive about the hate, as she argued: "I signed up for this knowing exactly what I'm getting myself into. I'm very very aware that people love to voice their opinions online, mainly the negative ones."

But what did she look like before? Here are some pictures that have surfaced showing Lauren pre-cosmetic surgery.

The left image is from 2023 and the right image is from 2014
The left image is from 2023 and the right image is from 2014. Picture: Instagram @lauren_funn_

Photos that are still up on Lauren's Instagram show her from around ten years ago where she looks slightly different to the Lauren we have seen on the telly.

You'll notice her lips are less full and her cheek bones are less pronounced which can all be explained by the treatments she says she has had.

Some fans have said how beautiful she looked in her younger images, one said: "Oh my gosh! That's her before invasive procedures?? She looks like a CoverGirl model from the 70s."

Another wrote: "Wow, she was stunning." But of course we think she looks gorgeous then and now - her face, her choice!

This photo of Lauren with Snoop Dogg is from 2014
This iconic photo of Lauren with Snoop Dogg is from 2014. Picture: Instagram @lauren_funn_

Has MAFS Australia's Lauren had plastic surgery?

No. MAFS bride Lauren has spoken openly about undergoing cosmetic surgery but she has never been under the knife. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Australia she said: "Nothing is fake, besides my face."

People have speculated that she has had a fox eye lift but she hasn't said she's undergone this procedure.

What cosmetic surgery has MAFS Australia's Lauren had?

Lauren has had lip fillers and botox which she gets topped up regularly. The bride said: "I'm definitely not afraid of a bit of Botox or some filler" before adding that she gets "botox constantly".

She joked that "there's nothing moving" in her face which is something viewers have pointed out while watching the show.

Lauren is married to 'Jono' on Married at First Sight
Lauren is married to 'Jono' on Married at First Sight. Picture: Nine

One viewer wrote on X: "Lauren looks like she's in a constant state of shock with all that botox," and another penned: "Lauren can't blink because of the botox."

However, the reality show star won't let these comments upset her, as she has said: "The only people's opinions that I truly care about are my friends and my family and my work peers."

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