Who plays Ainsley Riches on On My Block? Fans think JoJo Siwa inspired the character

12 March 2020, 18:10

On My Block season 3 introduces Mallory James Mahoney as teen 'Lunch Money' popstar Ainsley Riches... and she bares a striking resemblance to JoJo Siwa.

On My Block season 3 has everything. Romance, drama, an absolutely banging soundtrack, iconic performances from the entire cast and, randomly, an apparent parody of YouTube star JoJo Siwa.

In season 3, we're introduced to a number of new characters, like Cuchillos and Jamal's sus new girlfriend Kendra. We also get to meet the colourful, hair-bow wearing child star Ainsley Riches. Ainsley is known for her hit song 'Lunch Money', featuring Father Goose, who is not Lil' Ricky. (By the way, 'Lunch Money' is available to stream online. You're welcome.)

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Viewers immediately likened the character to JoJo Siwa, the teen sensation who counts Kim Kardashian's daughter North West amongst her fans.

Is On My Block's Ainsley Riches inspired by JoJo Siwa?
Is On My Block's Ainsley Riches inspired by JoJo Siwa? Picture: Netflix

Who plays Ainsley Riches on On My Block season 3?

Ainsley is introduced fairly early on in the season as Jessica is listening to 'Lunch Money' in episode one.

Ainsley pops up every now and then, and then comes into play in a major way when Jamal tracks her down in his search for Lil' Ricky. He arrives at her music video shoot where he finds the savage queen in her dressing room, demanding a Red Bull.

After calling her out for blatant cultural appropriation, Jamal receives some valuable advice from her before they shoot the video and go their separate ways.

What has Mallory James Mahoney been in before?

If Ainsley looks familiar to you, that's because Mallory James Mahoney is a Disney Channel star. For the past few years, Mallory has played Destiny on Disney Channel's Bunk'd alongside Peyton List, Skai Jackson, Karan Brar and Miranda May.

The 15-year-old actress has also appeared in TV show Day 5 and Disney Channel's Adventures in Babysitting movie alongside Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter.

Is On My Block's Ainsley Riches based on JoJo Siwa?

Given the sequin waistcoats, multicoloured jumpsuits and giant hair bows, it's easy to see how the show could have taken inspiration from YouTube and Dance Moms star Siwa.

However, aside from the music video visuals and aesthetics, Ainsley is clearly nothing like Wholesome Queen JoJo. Ainsley is more like a parody of a stereotypical generic teen star and even makes tongue in cheek references to the troubled child stars of days gone by with mentions of things like Celebrity Rehab.

Of course, viewers are now taking to Twitter to talk about the lowkey "shady" parody of JoJo's aesthetic.

As one of the most recognisable (and incredibly successful) teen stars in the game right now, it was only a matter of time before a TV show added a parody of JoJo to their ranks.

Honestly, JoJo Siwa's impact.