The shocking low Love Island weekly salaries have been revealed

23 May 2019, 13:12

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Here's how much Love Island 2019 participants will be paid per week in comparison to contestants from last year.

How much do Love Island contestants get paid?

The weather is getting warmer which means reality TV fans will soon have another season of Love Island to obsess over. Hot singletons are headed to Spain to have their every hook up, argument, and tense confrontation broadcast on national television. After last year's meagre pay of £200 a week was revealed, it has now been announced that Love Island contestants will receive a modest pay bump of £50.

Love Island contestants will now receive £250 a week for participating in the popular ITV reality dating show, according to reports. Last year, many were surprised to find out that participants were only paid £200 per week (which means an individual would only bag £1,600 if they made it from start to finish).

Participants are competing to win the competition which would bag them £50,000 or £25,000 each if a couple chooses to split the reward.


The new reported salary of £250 a week will mean that a contestant that makes it to the very end, but does not win the prize, will earn £2,000 for 8 weeks of work. Not great, especially when you consider the long working hours the show requires.

However, it's no secret that Love Island participants can earn a lot of money once the 8 weeks in the villa are over. 2018 contestant Rosie Williams confessed that she earned more in one month after leaving the villa than she'd earned in one year working as solicitor - which is a high paying job, by the way.

Meanwhile, ITV has announced revised duty of care procedures for those who appear on the show. Participants will now have access to psychological consultants and therapy sessions before and after leaving the villa. They will also be given "training on dealing with social media and advice on finance and adjusting to life back home.

What do you guys think? Is £250 a week too little or is it okay when you consider the earning potential after leaving the house?