Lawrence Chaney's Age, Instagram & Glaswegian Origins – All About The Drag Race UK Queen

21 January 2021, 16:02

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By Capital FM

Lawrence Chaney is the Glaswegian queen of Drag Race UK series 2
Lawrence Chaney is the Glaswegian queen of Drag Race UK series 2. Picture: BBC/ Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK is finally back and one queen, Lawrence Chaney, has already captured viewers' hearts with their quick wit and iconic looks. Here's everything you need to know about the queen, from her age to where she's from.

Finally, Drag Race UK series 2 has arrived to banish the January blues and, with the likes of Lawrence Chaney, is already serving us iconic looks, dances, humour and a dose of colour and escapism we all need so much right now.

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As the queens were introduced to the world, one contestant in particular has captured the nation's heart already with their incredible humour and honesty – and to make things even better, they won the very first challenge!

We are, of course, talking about the already iconic Glaswegian queen, Lawrence Chaney, so let's dive into everything we know about them so far.

Lawrence Chaney is among the Drag Race UK series 2 queens
Lawrence Chaney is among the Drag Race UK series 2 queens. Picture: BBC

How old is Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney?

You may be surprised to find out Lawrence Chaney is just 23 years old!

She slayed the runway and photography challenge in the very first episode of Drag Race UK series two and is very much on the judges' radar.

We're suddenly feeling like we haven't accomplished much with our lives...

What is Lawrence Chaney's Instagram handle?

We'll do you one better and give you Lawrence's Instagram and Twitter handle so you don't miss a single one of their iconic looks.

All of her Drag Race looks so far have been posted to social media.

Instagram: lawrencechaney

Twitter: @ShadyLawrence

Where is Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney from?

As you may have deciphered from Lawrence's incredibly thick accent, this queen is from Glasgow, Scotland.

They've already dropped a reference to *that* iconic video of the mum yelling at her two children which birthed the incredible catch phrase, 'desgusting!'

What is Lawrence Chaney's real name?

Unlike many queens, Lawrence has kept their real name, (Lawrence, duh) in their drag name, adding Chaney on, but their real surname is in fact Lawrence Maidment.

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