North West outs mother Kim Kardashian for saying JoJo Siwa "screams a lot"

8 October 2019, 15:31

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Well, they do say never work with children or animals…

In March 2019, we were gifted with the collaboration we had all be waiting for (no, not Beyoncé and Adele) JoJo Siwa and Kim Kardashian's daughter North West made a YouTube video together. However, it didn't end up going as smoothly as we originally thought.

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North and JoJo linked up after Kim FaceTimed JoJo, who asked if her daughter would like to appear on her YouTube channel. North hung out at JoJo's house for a slime making session, with Kim leaving JoJo in charge of little Northie, six. It's safe to say North was pretty starstruck to meet her idol.

Kim Kardashian, JoJo Siwa with North West.
Kim Kardashian, JoJo Siwa with North West. Picture: PA Images, @KimKardashian via Twitter

After their play date, Kim revealed that the meeting was North's "dream of life come true", alongside a photo of them together. Aww.

However, Sunday night's (6 Oct) episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saw Kim reveal what was going on behind the scenes, before their iconic union. Kim was worried that the experience might overwhelm poor North, I mean she is only six.

Watch North and JoJo's video here.


"North is so obsessed with JoJo right now," she explained. "And even though she's met people she's really liked before, I think on top of having a YouTube crew filming it and in JoJo's home, I think that could be overwhelming for her. There's a difference when she's on our show. She knows everyone on the crew and is always with family, so we can really control what we film and what we do."

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Kim was concerned about North being filmed outside of KUWTK and feared she might end up "traumatised" from the meeting, recalling the time she tripped in front of her own idol, Jennifer Lopez. However, after some reassurance from her mother Kris Jenner, who told her about Kim's sister Kylie Jenner being on TV since the age of nine, she let North go to JoJo's house – but North acted up straight away.

When North arrived, looking like a baby JoJo Siwa, she said to her: "My mum says you scream a lot." Damn, you really can't trust kids with secrets.

Kim tried to lie her way out of it though, and replied: "I did not say that! I said you need to scream a lot, like JoJo. You need to keep your volume up." Luckily JoJo – having probably heard that 10 million times before – saw the humour in it all.

She laughed, and said: "She's exposing you right now. I think she works for TMZ."

In the end, everyone saw the humour in it all. After the show had aired, Kim shared the clip on Twitter, and said that North had "really outed" her.

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