Joey King From 'The Kissing Booth’ Just Covered Billie Eilish and It’s INCREDIBLE

26 July 2018, 12:22

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

We need an official version asap...

It's no secret that we're obsessed with Joey King. Not only has she wowed us with starring roles in everything from Ramona and Beezus to The Conjuring but she's also the breakout star of the film of the summer. Netflix released The Kissing Booth in May and since then the teen drama about forbidden romance has become a hit sensation. Joey plays the lead character Elle and viewers around the world have fallen in love with her.

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It's easy to see why. Joey is an incredible actress and her performance as Elle is funny, mature and relatable af. Then there's the fact that she is hilarious on social media and in interviews. Oh and she and her co-star and on screen love interest Jacob Elordi (Noah) are dating irl. It's impossible not to stan all things Joey King.

Joey King
Joey King. Picture: Netflix // Instagram

That's not all though. As if taking Hollywood by storm isn't enough, Joey is also an amazing singer. Taking to Instagram last night, the 'Slender Man' star shared a cover of Billie Eilish's new single 'hostage'. She posted it with the caption: "Hostage - @wherearetheavocados (Beforeeee ya even say it...yes I know i hit a weird key on the piano in the end)".

Listen to the stunning cover here.

'Weird key' included - this is everything. Naturally fans of both Billie and Joey are completely shook by the surprise rendition. Comments under the clip range from "WHY YOU NEED TO BE SO FKN PERFECT ON EVERYTHING???" to "wow wow wow a beautiful human with a beautiful voice" and "what can't she do" to "we need an album".

We high-key agree with all of this. It does seem like Joey is talented at everything and we would definitely be first in line to purchase a Joey King album. Billie Eilish is yet to comment on the cover but we reckon that she will be as impressed as we are.

Who knows? Maybe this could lead to a collaboration between the two icons in the making.