Is Hype House over? Thomas Petrou addresses if the TikTok group are still together

10 January 2022, 17:34

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

People are wondering if the stars of Hype House are actually still working together.

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It seems like it's been centuries since Netflix broke the news that TikTok's Hype House would be getting their own reality series and after numerous delays it has finally landed.

In case you didn't know, Hype House are a group of TikTok content creators who all live together in a mansion in Los Angeles. Using guidance from founding member and house dad Thomas Petrou, the members are supposed to land brand deals, grow their following and become a success by any means necessary.

But as you can imagine, when you throw a bunch of rich young people in a luxury mansion it's going to be absolute carnage. Behind the glamorous life they portray on social media, there's backstabbing, bitching and major jealously in the group. Luckily, Netflix's cameras are there to capture it all.

Because of all the drama and departures of various members, many are wondering if the Hype House is even still a thing. Here's what has been said about the possible end of Hype House.

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Is Hype House over?

Is Hype House over?
Is Hype House over? Picture: @petroutv via Instagram, Netflix

Fans are wondering if the Hype House are still a thing after the finale of the Netflix show.

Hype House was founded in 2019 and arguably helped the careers of Charli D'Amelio, Dixie D'Amelio, Chase Hudson (or Lil Huddy) and Addison Rae. The line-up has undergone numerous changes over the years as the TikTok stars have grown and moved on, and on the Netflix show we only see 10 creators: Chase Hudson, Nikita Dragun, Thomas Petrou, Larray, Sienna Mae Gomez, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, Vinnie Hacker and Kouvr Annon.

The Hype House members all live together and as the episodes roll on it's evident that no-one really wants to be there. In the series, we see Chase wanting to move out of the house in order to further his music career.

In episode 8, we see Thomas say that Hype House may be finished or it may undergo some huge changes. "It just doesn’t work anymore; I think it’s just time to shut [the Hype House] down," he said. Thomas is then teases the possibility of recruiting a batch of new TikTok stars and launching a Hype House 3.0 after several members move out.

At the time of writing, Hype House are still posting content together from the mansion so it would seem that the house is still a thing (But most of the posts are promoting the Netflix show, so that could be a factor.) However, it's clear that they're not all living together anymore. In November, the collective announced that Alex and Kouvr would be moving into their own house but would still be a part of Hype House.

Will there be a Hype House season 2 on Netflix?

There's no word from Netflix on whether the show will be renewed for a second season just yet. But if there were to be another season, it would probably have to involve some new members.

Larray has already said that he would never do a second season or be on a reality show again. In an interview with on ex-Sway House star Noah Beck's YouTube channel, Larray said: "I never want to be on another TV show again. Ever. I don't even want to look at another camera. I don't care to be in drama especially for a show."