Netflix's 'Insatiable': Trailer, Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

19 July 2018, 16:27

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Debby Ryan-led Netflix TV series is about to drop - and it looks AMAZING.

It was announced back in 2017 that Debby Ryan, who you'll know and stan from her days on the Disney Channel, would be starring as the lead role in Netflix's new dark comedy, Insatiable and we've just got our first look thanks to a brand new trailer released by the streaming service.

Ryan stars as Patty, a girl who suddenly finds herself having the glo-up of the century and ends up competing in beauty pageants across the country. But of course, as always with Netflix's many teen dramas, there's a pretty dark side to everything going on. It's been described as "darkly comedic and quirky" and is apparently a modern take on the darker side of teenage life.  

But what else do we know about the series? From the cast, to the plot and everything in between, here's everything you need to know about Netflix's Insatiable.

Debby Ryan Insatiable Netflix TV Series
Picture: Netflix

When will Insatiable be released on Netflix?

Insatiable is dropping on Netflix on August 10. Netflix picked up the show after The CW declined to order a full season of the series.

How many episodes will there be?

There will be 12 episodes in the first season of the show - and they'll all be dropping at once, so get ready to binge watch!

What is Insatiable about?

Insatiable is a dark, twisted revenge comedy that focuses on the life of Patty. For years, Patty (played by Debby Ryan) has been bullied, ignored, and underestimated by those around her because of her weight. But now that she finds herself suddenly thin, Patty is out for payback against anyone who has ever made her feel bad about herself.

She is later taken under the wing of Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), a disgraced attorney whose true passion is coaching beauty pageant contestants. He recognises her potential and coaches her toward becoming the top pageant queen in the country. But Bob and his wife Coralee (Alyssa Milano) have no idea how deep Patty’s rage goes, or how far she will go to exact revenge on anyone who has ever wronged her.

It's described on the official poster as a "coming of rage story."

Debby Ryan spoke to Cosmopolitan about the series and revealed that while the show is dark and whacky in places, it also explores more serious subjects like bullying and disordered eating.

"Everything that I've gone through and gotten therapy for and talked with my friends about, every kind of trauma and confusion and illness and strange reckoning in my life and the life of my loved ones, are dealt with on this show," Ryan says. "Comedy is a really important way for us to be able to talk about the things that are already very present and it gives us room."

Who is in the cast of Insatiable?

Debby Ryan (The Suite Life) will play Patty.

Alyssa Milano (Charmed) will play Coralee.

Dallas Roberts (The Good Wife, My Friend Dahmer) will play Bob.

Arden Myrin (Shameless) will play Regina.

Kimmy Shields (Big Little Lies) will play Nonnie.

Irene Choi (Community) will play Dixie.

Erinn Westbrook (Awkward., Glee) will play Magnolia.

Michael Provost (#RealityHigh) will play Brick.

James Lastovic (Days Of Our Lives) will play Christian.

Daniel Kang will play Donald.

Has the full trailer for the series been released yet?

Yep! Netflix released the full trailer on July 19 and you can watch it at the top of this page.

Will there be a second season?

The first season hasn't even aired yet but if it does well, we're sure Netflix will renew the series for a second season.