Will 'Insatiable' Be Renewed For A Second Season?

15 August 2018, 15:59

Insatiable Patty and Bob
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Will Netflix's controversial dark comedy 'Insatiable' be renewed for a second season? Despite being skewered by critics, some fans are pushing for a second season. So, what are the odds Netflix allows 'Insatiable' to return for season 2?

If you're reading this, I'll assume you're at least somewhat aware of the controversy surrounding Netflix's new dark comedy, Insatiable.

If you're not aware, here is the short version. Netflix made Insatiable available on its platform on Friday, August 10.

The controversial show is about a teenage girl who loses a great deal of weight after a physical altercation lands her in the hospital with her jaw wired shut.

The trailer's release led to petitions and calls for the show to be canceled ahead of its premiere, citing concerns about body-shaming.

Even before its release, critics called the show everything from "dull and lazy" to "hollow harmful and hateful".

Members of Insatiable's cast have since defended the show, with Alyssa Milano saying that she's "proud" of their work.

Insatiable Alyssa Milano
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Now, before we dig in to the reasons Insatiable season 2 doesn't need to happen (but might happen anyway), I'll give one little disclaimer. While I did not enjoy the series, I also didn't hate Insatiable as much as some other critics did. Keep in mind, I have an incredibly high tolerance for bad TV.

Let's begin.

Insatiable could very well get a second season.

To put it bluntly, 13 Reasons Why, a show which depicted the very graphic suicide of a teenage sexual assault victim, is about to begin production on its third season at Netflix.

Meanwhile, Everything Sucks!, a nice show about nice teenagers was canceled in its first season. If people are streaming Insatiable in big enough numbers (and it appears that they are), a second season is entirely possible, and plausible.

Despite its problematic premise, watching Insatiable felt, at times, like watching a show very much on the verge of...something. Insightful commentary about sexual orientation, body image, or bullying was often followed by weird throw away jokes that made the earnest moments feel paper thin.

Still, people are defending Insatiable, citing its use of dark humour to subvert stereotypes about topics like bisexuality and body image. One viewer wrote on Twitter that the series "is not a show about body shaming, but rather focuses on 'skinny isn't magic'."

Initial reactions to the show were critical, but a quick scroll through Twitter will confirm that the show is building a surprisingly loyal (and vocal) fan base. This alone could convince Netflix to give the series another chance.

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Insatiable shouldn't get a second season.

Insatiable might not be as bad as people thought it would be, but that still doesn't mean it's good. Fans are citing its "brilliant" use of satire, but if you have to explain the joke, is it all that funny?

While Insatiable does go to painstaking efforts to appear as though it is subverting the overweight to skinny trope, putting Debby Ryan in a fat suit in this way is damaging, no matter how you spin it.

Insatiable Patty locker scene
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On the technical side, the series is clunky in its never ending plot points and dialogue. It tries to tell so many stories at once that it ends up not being able to tell any of them very well.

Insatiable takes up valuable Netflix real estate that could be used to tell empowering and funny stories of women of all body types and sexual orientations (and which don't involve a weight loss revenge fantasy).

While Insatiable isn't the worst show ever green lit, it certainly isn't groundbreaking or innovative in the "dark comedy" genre. It should not receive a second season.

Sidebar: Nonnie Thompson (Kimmy Shields) is an angel who deserves her own spin off .

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So, will Insatiable be renewed for a second season?

It looks very possible. The first season ended with a huge cliff hanger and Netflix may be keen on giving viewers a resolution.

Unlike 2017's Girlboss, which was canceled after one season, viewers actually seem to be enjoying the show, despite its poor critical reception.

It all depends on the viewership figures (which Netflix is notoriously private about). If there are enough streams, Insatiable will likely get a second season.