iCarly fans are losing it over the swearing in the reboot

21 June 2021, 13:05

Baby Spencer swears in hilarious iCarly blooper

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The new iCarly has been described as an adult show for the fans who originally grew up watching the series.

iCarly is officially back. The reboot has just begun airing on Paramount+ and the swearing scenes are breaking the internet.

Shortly after Paramount+ announced that iCarly would be returning, the cast revealed that the new episodes would be made for a more mature audience. Miranda Cosgrove previously told EW: "We really tried to make this show, as much for the fans of the original as possible." Meanwhile, Nathan Kress told Page Six: "This is an adult show. It’s not specifically for kids."

Now, the first three episodes of iCarly are out and viewers are shook after seeing Carly swear on screen for the first time.

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iCarly fans are losing it over the swearing in the reboot
iCarly fans are losing it over the swearing in the reboot. Picture: Paramount+

In the new episodes, Carly, who is now in her late 20s, decides to restart her iconic iCarly web series and there is a scene in which Carly quotes her new friend Harper and says: "It's like Harper always says, 'You got to switch it up on a bitch'" Jerry then looks at her confused, and Carly says: "I'll never say that again." Harper then adds: "It was cute though. You tried."

The scene is pretty hilarious and fans are living for the ways in which the team behind the reboot have managed to make it more adult without sacrificing what made iCarly so entertaining in the first place. One fan tweeted: "I was not expecting Carly to say 'b*itch' or swear for that matter, but I'm here for it?? This iCarly revival is ****** great."

Another added: "The #iCarly reboot is what the Lizzie McGuire reboot was supposed to be." Last year, Disney+ famously cancelled the Lizzie McGuire reboot after they were worried that it was "too mature".

It's not just swearing in the iCarly reboot either. Speaking to Page Six about whether or not the new reboot will feature sex scenes, Jerry Trainor said: "We’re going to toe that line, you know what I mean? It’s not going to be super-raw…but yeah, there’s going to be sexual situations." Iconic.

New episodes of iCarly air on Paramount+ every Thursday.

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