'Riverdale' Fans Are DIVIDED Over Hot Dog's Dramatic Season 3 Storyline

11 October 2018, 12:02

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The true hero of Riverdale...

The wait is over. Riverdale is finally back and the season premiere did not disappoint. When Season 2 ended back in May we were left with so many questions. What is the farm that Polly keeps going on about? It sounds creepy af. Will Hermione be a good mayor? Hiram will no doubt try to use her position to his advantage. Can Archie get out of the mess that he's in? That finale made it seem pretty unlikely.

Fast forward to today and it is clear that the farm is cult (floating babies!), Hermione may actually be trying to be a mayor on her own terms (that Veronica convo!!) and Archie really put his foot in it (he plead guilty to a murder he didn't commit!!!). Not only that but Josie and Sweetpea are getting it on, Kevin and Moose are still a thing and Hot Dog is now lowkey everyone's fave Riverdale cast member.

Who Is Hot Dog Though?

Riverdale. Picture: The CW

Say what?! For those of you who are a bit confused Hot Dog is literally a dog who belongs to the Serpents. He made his first Riverdale appearance back in Season 1 when the Serpents came to Jughead's trailer park to offer him Serpent membership. Jughead then had to look after Hot Dog in Season 2 as part of his Serpent initiation. According to icon Toni Topaz, Hot Dog is the Serpents' third dog.

Cut to the Season 3 premiere and Hot Dog has been kidnapped by the Ghoulies. Thankfully Jughead was having none of it; he gathered together the Serpents to take on the Ghoulies and get Hot Dog back. And, with a little help from Cheryl's bow and arrow skills, they did. Naturally, the Ghoulies were angry. We reckon that there will be plenty more Serpent/Ghoulie stand offs to come.

Unsurprisingly fans are divided by Hot Dog's storyline.

Some are outraged that the Ghoulies even got ahold of Hot Dog.


Don't worry. We were highkey distressed by this too.

Others found it funny.


We were kind of surprised that the Ghoulies didn't hold a human hostage.

Some fans volunteered to save Hot Dog themselves.


We would die for Hot Dog too tbh.

And the Ghoulies treated him so badly.


Hello PETA? We would like to report a serious case of canine cruelty.

Then there were those who were pressed that Hot Dog had more screen time than Choni.


Choni and Hot Dog both deserve there own spin-offs.

And last but not least Drew Ray Tanner (Fangs) pitched in to remind fans that Serpents look after all their gang members.


What a man.