Cole Sprouse sings in Riverdale's 'Heathers: The Musical' episode and everyone is shook

21 March 2019, 12:00

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Riverdale viewers are losing it over Cole Sprouse singing 'Seventeen' with Lili Reinhart...

Cole Sprouse finally sang in Riverdale and fans are obsessed.

Riverdale aired its highly anticipated season 3 musical episode last night (Mar 21) and it's safe to say that it was brilliant. 'Big Fun' saw the Riverdale cast take on Heathers: The Musical with Josie playing the main role of Veronica Sawyer and Cheryl, Betty and Veronica playing the Heathers. Oh, and Edgar Evenever made his debut appearance in the show. Still it's Cole's singing as Jughead that has everyone shook.

Watch Cole Sprouse singing on Riverdale below.

Riverdale: Cole Sprouse singing in the musical episode
Riverdale: Cole Sprouse singing in the musical episode. Picture: The CW

Fans of the teen drama will already know that Cole sadly didn't sing in Riverdale's season 2 musical episode. Jughead didn't audition to be in Carrie: The Musical. And no, Jughead was not cast in Heathers: The Musical either but, this time around, he and Betty sang their very own duet in FP's trailer. Cole and Lili Reinhart performed one of Heathers' most popular musical numbers: 'Seventeen', alongside Cheryl and Toni.

Cole and Lili singing 'Seventeen' on Riverdale.

Stunning right? Not only was Cole and Lili's rendition incredibly moving and accurate for Betty and Jughead to sing together (the duet is about wanting to just be normal 17 year olds, watching films together instead of well, I don't know, trying to take down dangerous cults). On top of that, they both sounded incredible. Cole actually has an amazing voice. Those harmonies in the chorus?!! Award worthy.

Naturally, fans are living for it and still coming to terms with the fact that Cole can really sing.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Facts. Better yet fans of Cole don't have to wait long to hear him sing again; he sings in his new film Five Feet Apart. Now if Cole could go full Disney on us and release an album, or star in a musical on Broadway or the West End, we would be very grateful. Whenever you're ready Cole.

What did you think? Were you shocked by Cole's voice?