Who Is Bird Psycho In Heartbreak High Season 2? The Ending Explained

17 April 2024, 16:01

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Heartbreak High season 2 revolves around the mystery of the Bird Psycho and their identity is finally revealed in episode 5.

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You've started watching Heartbreak High season 2 and you want to find out who the Bird Psycho is? We've got you covered.

Heartbreak High season 2 picks up right where season 1 leaves off. Darren and Ca$h have to navigate whether or not their relationship can still work with Ca$h in jail, Harper prepares to speak out against Chook, Tilla and Jayden in court and Malakai starts to properly question his sexuality and whether or not he's queer after his threesome in season 1.

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However, it's the mystery of the Bird Psycho that's truly at the heart of season 2. Throughout the season a mystery person torments Amerie. Quinni then makes it her mission to discover what is going on and who is responsible.

How does Heartbreak High season 2 end? - SPOILERS BELOW

Who is Bird Psycho in Heartbreak High season 2? The ending explained
Who is Bird Psycho in Heartbreak High season 2? The ending explained. Picture: Netflix

At the end of Heartbreak High season 2 episode 5, it's revealed to viewers that Rowan is Bird Psycho. However, it isn't until the season finale that the other characters find out it's him and we learn why he's been secretly sabotaging Amerie.

After Rowan sees Amerie tell Harper that she is still in love with Malakai at the formal, Rowan runs off hurt. Amerie runs to find him and Rowan then traps Amerie and Harper in a room where he plays them a film. In the film, we learn that Rowan and Amerie first met in a skatepark as kids. Rowan was a lot heavier then and he went by the nickname Spud.

Rowan was obsessed with Amerie but she didn't even know he existed. One day, a bird fell out of a tree and Rowan and Amerie then named it Eggo and began looking after it together. When Eggo died, Rowan and Amerie held a funeral for it. Other kids made fun of them though. To avoid getting bullied, Amerie said it was Spud's idea not hers.

Rowan then ran home and started breaking everything in his room. Scared, his brother ran outside to tell their parents. However, he was killed in a car accident. Rowan thought he'd moved past it, but seeing Amerie at Hartley, he started blaming her for his brother's death and took revenge.

The season ends with Rowan realising he was wrong, apologising. Amerie accepts his apology.

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How does Heartbreak High season 2 end?
How does Heartbreak High season 2 end? Picture: Netflix

Will Malakai be in Heartbreak High season 3?

Elsewhere, Malakai decides that he would be better off leaving Hartley. He leaves Amerie a note in her locker and catches a plane to Switzerland without telling anyone about it. Quinni becomes class president and Darren and Ca$h decide that they want to stay together.

Most shockingly though Voss accidentally sets fire to the entire school and gets arrested. If the show gets renewed, season 3 will have to explore whether or not Hartley High can be rebuilt and how that affects all the students involved.

The fire burns Malakai's note to Amerie so she never gets to read it. It's currently unclear whether or not Malakai (Thomas Weatherall) will be back for season 3 or if he's left Hartley High for good.

What do you think will happen in season 3?

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