Gossip Girl Fans Upset As Ed Westwick's 'Surprise Announcement' Is Selling Face Masks

15 June 2020, 14:21

Ed Westwick's Gossip Girl announcement leaves fans very disappointed
Ed Westwick's Gossip Girl announcement leaves fans very disappointed. Picture: Gossip Girl/ chuckbass.store/ Twitter @sophxthompson

Gossip Girl fans are rolling their eyes after Ed Westwick's countdown to a special something for fans turned out to be a line of face masks, and not an original cast reboot of the series.

Gossip Girl fans everywhere just had their hopes of some kind of original cast reboot of the iconic show dashed after Ed Westwick's 'surprise' turned out to be a line of 'XOXO' face masks- and people are really not impressed.

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Ed Westwick, 32, who played heartthrob Chuck Bass, sent the internet into meltdown when he posted he's 'got a little something for you' along with the signature Gossip Girl 'xoxo' leading to intense speculation about a revival of the show.

People eagerly counted down the hours until 1PM (already leaving US fans frustrated as he was referring to UK time) only for the actor to drop a link to his website which has added 'XOXO' face masks for sale for £14.

One person wrote, "This Ed Westwick "announcement" is proof that all men do is DISAPPOINT I have had it. officially" and others asked, "Sooo is there a new series of gossip girl or has Ed Westwick mugged me off."

We hate to admit, it's definitely the latter.

The final episode of GG aired in 2012- when we finally discovered who was behind the Upper East Side's most scandalous gossip blog, none other than Dan Humphries, so eight years down the line, everyone's more than ready for another dose of their favourite privileged bunch.

Aside from Ed's pretty big let down- there is good news, as a reboot has been under way for some time now, although it is with a different cast than the original.

HBO Max Chief Content Officer Kevin Reilly told Vulture the reboot of Gossip Girl would be delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there is definitely one on the way.

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