Ginny & Georgia viewers are losing it over the electric toothbrush scene

1 March 2021, 16:38

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Ginny masturbates with an electric toothbrush in Ginny & Georgia and Netflix users can't believe it.

Ginny & Georgia is breaking the internet and it's all thanks to the viral scene in which Ginny masturbates with...a toothbrush.

Ginny & Georgia is Netflix's latest hit drama. The new series came out last Wednesday (Feb 24) and it's already soared to the top of Netflix Top 10 lists all around the world. People can't get enough of the Gilmore Girls inspired show, which follows a young mother, Georgia, and her 15-year-old daughter, Ginny, as they move to a rich, picturesque town and try to fit in.

However, Ginny & Georgia has also sparked some controversy and one scene, in particular, is shocking Netflix viewers.

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Ginny & Georgia toothbrush scene
Ginny & Georgia toothbrush scene. Picture: Netflix

In Ginny & Georgia episode 4, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) sends her boyfriend, Hunter (Mason Temple) a photo in her lingerie. He doesn't respond and Ginny later decides to send the selfie to her secret lover and neighbour Marcus (Felix Mallard). The two of them then begin to sext each other and Marcus masturbates. Ginny then joins in with Marcus and masturbates herself.

So far so normal but, instead of masturbating with her hand or a vibrator, Ginny uses her electric toothbrush with the bristles up. Naturally, people can't get over the scene. One person tweeted: "SHE PUT HER TOOTHBRUSH ON HER PUSSY? Nah this show is nuts". Another added: "how horny r u to even consider masturbating with the bristles of a toothbrush".

It is not advised to masturbate with a toothbrush. In 2019, Dr. Diana Gill told Metro: "While an electric toothbrush may seem like the perfect DIY masturbating tool, it can actually do more harm than good. The vibrating bristles on the toothbrush can actually cause abrasions, tears and cuts to the vulva and vagina, and cause the tissue to become inflamed."

Dr. Diana Gill also explained: "These tears and cuts make it easier for germs and bacteria to enter the body. It may cause soreness, bleeding, and increase your risk of contracting an STI as the infection can enter through open wounds. Plus, if you’re using a toothbrush that has been used, you’re exposing yourself to even more germs and bacteria."

In other words, don't copy Ginny. As it stands, the show's cast and creators haven't spoken at large about the scene. We shall update you if they do.

What did you think of the toothbrush scene?