Friends Star Courtney Cox Just Revisited Monica Geller's New York Apartment & Everyone's Crying

22 March 2019, 14:46

Courtney Cox returns to iconic Friends building
Courtney Cox returns to iconic Friends building. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram @courtneycox

Courtney Cox stopped off at the iconic Friends apartment block whilst in New York and fans all over the world are weeping at the throwback.

Friends star Courtney Cox just gave literally everyone on planet earth what they wanted and returned to the iconic show's apartment block whilst in New York

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Courtney, aged 54, swung by apartment block and hilariously captioned the Instagram post which has been viewed 1.6 million times: "The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000".

Waving to the camera whilst the infamous interlude music from the show plays, her caption is referencing the way each Friends episode is titled starting with 'The One Where'.

Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston have stayed long term BFFs ever since the show wrapped up in 2004 and pretty much all of the cast have commented on whether or not there would be a Friends reunion.

Whilst the ladies have said they're pretty much down to bring reboot the show in some capacity, it's pretty unlikely it will ever come back as the show's producer, Martha Kauffman, has even said it wouldn't be happening, and even cast member Matt LeBlanc has ruled it out too.

Apart from the rare throwback that we needed so badly, it's hilarious that Courtney is acknowledging how expensive Monica's enormous, open plan apartment would cost in today's climate but also just a tiny bit sad.

Friends is now enjoying a resurgence from a brand new generation of audiences that are watching the show on streaming services, despite never losing its popularity in the first place.

It has remained the most successful sitcom ever and was officially the most popular UK subscription streaming show after Netflix bought the series for its site for a whopping $100million...per year.

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