This genius Netflix hack lets you see the first thing you ever watched

14 February 2020, 13:58

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Are you more Titanic or To All The Boys I've Loved Before?

Everyone remembers their first Netflix show. Actually, you probably don't, but if you want to, the streaming platform has come up with a great new hack that allows you to look back at every single show you've ever watched on it - including the dates.

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Of course you do.

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Netflix. Picture: Getty/Netflix

Here's what you need to do:

1) Log into Netflix from a desktop

2) Head to your account

3) Select 'viewing activity'

4) Download

5) Wait for the magic

You'll get a tasty Excel document packed with every episode of Gilmore Girls, You and, *ahem* Riverdale you've ever watched, right back from when you first opened your account. Pretty cool, right?

Since Netflix announced the news of the hack on Twitter, the responses have been pretty damn hilarious and frankly, will make you feel a lot better about your shows of choice.

Someone even pointed out that they remember the days when Netflix used to post DVDs for you to rent - back when we actually had social interactions.

But now we're in a time when your favourite movies are just a click away, we cannot wait to spend an entire weekend delving into the backlogs of sad movies we watched from our 2013 breakups...