Where was The Society filmed?: The location of the Netflix teen drama revealed

11 May 2019, 09:43

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Society is set in the fictional town of West Ham, Connecticut but filming for the show took place in several Massachusetts locations.

The Society on Netflix premiered on Friday May 10 and the dystopian drama is set in a sleepy affluent town called West Ham. West Ham's colonial style buildings and surrounding forest tell fans that the show is set in New England but where was The Society filmed in real life?

Where was The Society filmed?

Late in 2018, the cast of The Society participated in filming for the series which took place in Massachusetts. According to Boston.com, The Society filmed in "close to a dozen" Massachusetts locations. Interestingly enough, despite being filmed in Massachusetts, the The Society is actually set in Connecticut.

According to the Massachusetts film office, the show (which is listed under its earlier title, "Hamelins") was shot in major locations like Devens, Harvard, Lexington, Lancaster, and Concord.

Netflix The Society
Netflix The Society. Picture: Dana Starbard/Netflix

Cast members working on the show gave tiny hints about its filming location while it was in production. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Helena on The Society, shared some behind the scenes photos of herself and the cast from last autumn. Bordizzo shared photos from places like Devens, Boston, and Concord Massachusetts.

The Prescott Building in Lancaster, Massachusetts is also a notable landmark featured in The Society.

The Prescott Building Lancaster Mass The Society
The Prescott Building Lancaster Mass The Society. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Filming for The Society appears to have taken place from late September 2018 and wrapped in mid-December.

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