Sex Education star Felix Mufti opens up about historic trans sex scene in season 4

26 September 2023, 15:40

Sex Education’s Felix Mufti does his Pride makeup routine

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Roman and Abbi's sex scene in Sex Education season 4 is one of the first T4T sex scenes shown on television.

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Sex Education actor Felix Mufti has opened up about filming Abbi and Roman's sex scene and what made it "so incredible".

As soon as Sex Education season 4 came out (Sep 21), fans praised the show for its trans and non-binary representation. As well as continuing to cover Cal's story with care, season 4 introduces viewers to several new trans characters. In particular, people have fallen in love with Cavendish College's It couple: Abbi (Anthony Lexa) and Roman (Felix Mufti).

At the end of the season, Abbi and Roman have sex on screen and its one of the first times that two trans people have been shown having sex in a teen drama. The scene has received widespread praise online, and now Felix has revealed what the process of filming it was actually like and why it means so much to him as a trans performer.

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Sex Education star Felix Mufti opens up about historic trans sex scene in season 4
Sex Education star Felix Mufti opens up about historic trans sex scene in season 4. Picture: Netflix

Discussing Roman and Abbi's story in a new profile with with Gay Times, Felix said: "It’s not the tragic trans story that often gets told. As a trans person I’ve seen enough of, ‘Isn’t being trans so hard?’ I think being trans is boss! It’s a blessing to share it with the world in a way that scares the world."

Felix then explained that there's "always a worry" that their "trauma will be exploited" in the entertainment industry. As for Sex Education season 4 though, Felix said: "That didn’t happen at all. I got to show the best sides of being trans."

Discussing the sex scene, Felix said: "You never see two trans people having sex, ever, especially on their terms. Roman and Abbi get to have sex as trans people and say, ‘This is how we have sex and autonomy over our bodies.’"

Felix Mufti and Anthony Lexa in Sex Education season 4
Felix Mufti and Anthony Lexa in Sex Education season 4. Picture: Netflix

Speaking further, Felix said: "It was so incredible because we really got to decide how our characters had sex. Everyone has sex in different ways, obviously, but when you add a trans layer to that, it’s even more heightened. It can be even more complex and comes with more intricacies." He added that it was "joyous and beautiful."

Felix ended the interview by saying: "For me, that was another priceless thing where we felt like we were creating a queer archive for people to relate to. T4T people never see representation on the TV, so the fact that we could be the faces and the voices and the bodies behind that was really special."

The scene has been met with instant acclaim online. Reacting to it, one fan tweeted: "I don’t think I’ve ever seen two trans people have a love scene in a tv show until sex education. And I think it’s really important to have shows like this."

Another wrote: "The queer and trans joy on this season of sex education is phenomenal."

I need a Roman and Abbi spin-off and I need it now!

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