There's A HUGE Plot Hole In "Fantastic Beasts 2" And We Bet You Didn't Notice

14 March 2018, 12:57

Fantastic Beasts Plot Hole
Picture: Warner Bros.
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

There better be a good explanation for this...

In case you missed it, the very first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald dropped online yesterday and it looks amazing. Newt is back, Leta Lestrange is finally showing her gorgeous face and Dumbledore is young and hot now. But, ladies and gentlemen, it seems as though we have ourselves a little Harry Potter plot hole.

The trailer starts with three wizards apparating onto a bridge that leads in to Hogwarts. But um, there's an age old rule - and a very specific plot point in the previous Harry Potter books and movies - that states that that is almost physically impossible.

After watching the trailer, fans took to Twitter to point out the fact that you simply cannot apparate into or on the grounds of Hogwarts.

It is a known fact that you can't apparate at Hogwarts. There are some exceptions to the rule of course; Dumbledore was able to apparate to Hogwarts in Half Blood Prince with Harry and the House Elves possess the ability to apparate onto the grounds too.

So how come it's suddenly so chill in Fantastic Beasts? Well, maybe something goes down with Grindelwald in these movies that instigates the infamous apparition ban which stays in place throughout Voldemort's rise. Maybe Dumbledore was the one who set the rule to protect the castle from the rise of dark arts and is one of the few who can break it every now and then? (It was once stated that Dumbledore has the ability to remove the rule from certain parts of the castle, which is pointed out during the 6th year's Apparition lessons in the Great Hall.)

Basically, there's still a LOT more we need to know about our beloved Hogwarts. Here's hoping Young Dumbledore serves the tea in the upcoming film and explains the whole situation. If not, I'm gonna need Bathilda Bagshot on the landline for an exclusive scoop from Hogwarts, A History and settle this once and for all.