Riverdale revealed Evelyn Evernever's true identity and it's so messed up

25 April 2019, 15:15

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Riverdale unveiled the truth behind Evelyn Evernever in this week's episode...

Riverdale just revealed Evelyn Evernever's secret identity and everyone is losing it over the huge plot twist.

Ever since Evelyn Evernever (Zoé de Grand Maison) first arrived in Riverdale fans have been suspicious as to who she really is and what her intentions are. Evelyn joined the series in season 3, episode 2, as a new student at Riverdale High, and she immediately began to cause controversy. Not only was she the daughter of Edgar, the leader of the mysterious Farm (cult), which Alice and Polly have joined, but she literally started using the school to recruit new Farm members.

Who plays Evelyn Evernever in Riverdale and who is she really?

Riverdale: Evelyn Evernever's secret identity has been revealed
Riverdale: Evelyn Evernever's secret identity has been revealed. Picture: The CW

Over the course of the past few episodes it's become increasingly clear that the Farm is a terrifying cult and almost all of Riverdale have joined it. However, in last night's episode (Apr 24), Betty did some sleuthing and she found out who Evelyn Evernever really is. After snooping through Evelyn's school file, Betty learns that Evelyn's been repeating her junior year at many different high schools, pretending to be 17.

That's not all though. Betty then consults social services worker Miss Weiss and, after carrying out some research, she later tells Betty that Evelyn is actually 26-years-old (!) and is Edgar Evernever's wife (!!). When Betty confronts Alice about it, she tells Betty that she already knew and that there are "no secrets at The Farm". In other words, Alice is now potentially in a throuple with Edgar and Alice?!

For extra messed up context, Zoé de Grand Maison, who plays Evelyn Evernever is 23 in real life, which is just a year older than Lili Reinhart who plays Betty. Betty is of course only 17 in the show but, given that Evelyn has been acting her age all this time, it's understandable that fans are a little weirded out by the revelations surrounding who Evelyn actually is.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Yes. Evelyn really pretended to be the daughter of the man she is married to and now Alice is also marrying that man?! As it stands, there is no confirmation as to what's next for the cult or Alice's relationship with Edgar (and Evelyn?!) but we'll likely find out before the season ends next month. Here's hoping that Betty manages to take down the Farm.

What did you think? Did you guess the Evelyn twist?