Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi asked to change Nate and Cassie's argument scene

16 February 2022, 16:14

Sydney Sweeney explains how she filmed the hot tub scene

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"We were like, 'There is so much more here that we could do that's pent up. Let us build it.'"

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Sydney Sweeney is sharing some interesting behind-the-scenes secrets about her and Jacob Elordi's scenes in Euphoria season 2.

From the original season 2 script being scrapped to Zendaya revealing that Rue's ending was changed to make it more hopeful, there's been plenty of moments in Euphoria that ended up playing out a little differently on screen than in the original script.

Now, Sydney has revealed that the huge argument scene between Cassie and Nate in season 2, episode 4 was rewritten on the spot by creator Sam Levinson, and is very different to what was originally on the page.

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Sydney Sweeney reveals Nate and Cassie's argument was rewritten
Sydney Sweeney reveals Nate and Cassie's argument was rewritten. Picture: HBO

In episode 4, Nate and Cassie come to blows after Cassie confronts him for meeting up with Maddy. She's also convinced herself that he's going to get back with his ex-girlfriend too. Nate then bites back, accidentally calls her 'Maddy', and accuses Cassie of blackmailing him into a relationship. Cassie absolutely snaps, and the two begin screaming at each before Cassie ends up walking away.

The scene became a stand-out moment in the episode, with Cassie's "I'm crazier" line being turned into a meme. But originally, the back and forth was meant to end with Nate calling her out for sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend.

"Jacob and I did the scene as it was written, and we were like, 'There is so much more here that we could do that's pent up. Let us build it,'" Sydney revealed in an interview with The Cut.

Levinson agreed, and ended up rewriting the rest of the scene there and then for the actors. According to the profile, Levinson wrote five-pages on the spot, resulting in Cassie's now infamous meltdown.

"I let any judgement of myself go," Sydney continued. "I'm very proud of the meltdown Cassie had this season."

Jacob Elordi would love to fight his character in Euphoria

Jacob Elordi also previously opened up about filming all of those intense scenes with Sydney in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Jacob explained that he and Sydney became a creative "Bonnie and Clyde" while working on season 2 together: "Every time I was in, I was in with her, and vice versa. And she's so, so good at what she does that it was just such a treat the entire time working with her. She brings it every single take, every single scene."

Touching on the nature of the scenes they share together throughout the season, Jacob then added: "And they're always intense scenes with her as well, but we had so much fun. We got to play all kinds of different dynamics from that first meeting, and so it was such a treat working with her."

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