13 storylines that need to happen in Euphoria season 3

4 March 2022, 15:44

Chloe Cherry and Angus Cloud say filming the police raid in Euphoria was “scary”

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance


Euphoria season 2 is officially over and we now have MANY demands for what we want to see happen in Euphoria season 3.

After doubling the viewing figures of season 1, there's no denying that Euphoria season 2 has been the moment. Now, come on now. Over the past eight weeks, the hit teen drama has captivated viewers all around the world with its incredible acting and wild moments. From Lexi's iconic play to the heartbreaking police raid, we've been on quite a journey this season.

However, as great as Euphoria season 2 has been, there have also been a lot of criticisms. With that in mind, now that the show's been renewed for season 3, we've put together an extensive list of requests for the next season of Euphoria.

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13 storylines we need to see happen in Euphoria season 3
13 storylines we need to see happen in Euphoria season 3. Picture: HBO, LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo, HBO

1) Rue finds a way to pay back Laurie.

A lot of the drama in Euphoria season 2 revolves around whether or not Rue will pay back drug dealer Laurie for the $10,000 worth of drugs she promised to sell for her. In episode 5, Rue's mother Leslie finds the suitcase of drugs and flushes it down the toilet. We then spend the next few episodes wondering how Rue will get the money back to Laurie.

However, season 2 ends without addressing the incident at all. Given that Laurie threatened to kidnap Rue if she didn't get the money back to her, we're going to need actual closure to this storyline in season 3. Rob a bank? Win the lottery? Tell Leslie? How Rue will get the money is beyond us but she's gonna need to think of something.

2) Leslie and Ali start dating.

Everyone has been shipping Fexi this season but real Euphoria fans know that the ultimate will-they-won't-they couple in the show is Rue's mum Leslie and Rue's sponsor Ali. In season 2, episode 6, it's clear that there are sparks between the two of them when Ali visits for dinner. Leslie calls Ali handsome and it's also clear that Ali is great with Gia.

If that weren't enough, Leslie actress Nika King wants it to happen. Give us the non-toxic adult love story we deserve!

3) We need to talk about Gia.

Rue's sister Gia has been a side character for the past two seasons but, given how talented Storm Reid is, we need Gia to get the screen time she deserves in season 2. Leslie recently said that she's struggling at school and stays up all night on her phone. We need the full story. What's going on with Gia Bennett?

4) More scenes with all of the girlies.

Euphoria season 2 had many highlights but some of the best scenes involved all of the main girlies interacting. The hilarious Oklahoma bathroom scene, Rue revealing Cassie's secret to Maddy, the Maddy/Cassie showdown during Lexi's play...

We want Euphoria season 3 to give us much more main girlie moments and different pairings: Maddy and Jules? Lexi and Kat? Cassie and Rue? The girls always shine on screen together and we want more.

5) Bobbi gets a backstory.

Lexi's play gave us everything but none of it would have been possible without her hilarious and loveable wingman Bobbi. In Euphoria season 3, we want to get to know the iconic Veronica Taylor character better. What's her backstory? She deserves more than sporadic, legendary one-liners like: "Fuck Oklahoma".

Bobbi and Lexi in Euphoria season 2
Bobbi and Lexi in Euphoria season 2. Picture: HBO

6) Ethan applies for Juilliard.

I think we can all agree that Ethan's performance of 'Holding Out for a Hero' in Lexi's play was Tony Award-worthy. With that in mind, we want to see more of what this talented young actor in training has to offer. Make him apply for Juilliard and live out his full Glee fantasy. He can even apply alongside Lexi for maximum drama.

On that note, it would be nice to see the Euphoria kids do actual school things in season 3 like apply for college or, at the very least, go to class.

7) Fez gets out of jail and Cal stays in jail.

At the end of season 3, it looks as though both Fez and Cal are going to jail but we need someone to make sure that our Fez doesn't stay in there too long. We can't have a full season with our kind-hearted, soft-spoken king behind bars. That being said, Cal can stay there. Don't get distracted by young Cal and Derek. Cal is a sex offender and he needs to do time.

8) Tell us what happened to Nate's younger brother.

Two seasons in and there's still no explanation as to why there is a mysterious third Jacobs brother alongside Cal, Marsha, Aaron and Nate in the Jacobs family portrait. Eric Dane doesn't know who he is. Paula Marshall doesn't know who he is. Jacob Eldordi doesn't even know who he is.

Did he die? Is he ill? Is it all an error? We will not let another season go by without answers.

9) Nate stops terrorising girls.

The past two seasons we've seen Nate make life hell for Maddy, Cassie, Jules and pretty much any girl in his vicinity. In the third season of Euphoria, we would like Nate to leave the girlies alone and work on not being a garbage human being.

Nate and Maddy in Euphoria season 1
Nate and Maddy in Euphoria season 1. Picture: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Photo

10) Cassie figures her shit out.

Euphoria season 2 had an incredible Rue intervention but season 3 needs a Cassie intervention. She needs to own up to hurting Maddy and stop being so self-involved.

11) Maddy catches a break.

Euphoria season 2 was rough for Maddy. Not only did her best friends secretly start sleeping with her on-off ex behind her back but Nate also held her at gunpoint. In season 3, we want to see Maddy thrive and have fun. Whether that involves a new love interest, exciting career opportunities or simply fun times with Kat and Jules is up to writer Sam Levinson.

12) Rue and Jules actually break up for good.

It's all good and well season 2 ending with Rue and Jules officially breaking up but season 1 ended with them splitting up only for them just to get right back together. As much as they care for each other, Euphoria season 3 needs to let the duo spend some actual time apart so that they don't fall back into their toxic habits.

13) Kat gets actual screen time.

Barbie Ferreira may have denied the rumours about on-set drama between her and Euphoria showrunner Sam Levinson but that still doesn't explain why Kat was reduced to a side character in season 2 after stealing the show in season 1. In season 3, we want Kat to take centre stage.

What do you want to happen in Euphoria season 3? Did we miss anything?

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