Euphoria fans think Fez and Ashtray might die after shocking season 2, episode 7 trailer

14 February 2022, 11:44

Fez and Ashtray are in huge danger in Euphoria season 2 episode 7 trailer

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Lexi foreshadowing "something horrible" happening? It's definitely gotta be about Fez, right?

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Next week, Euphoria will drop its penultimate episode of season 2, and it does not look good for Fez and Ashtray.

Euphoria season 2, episode 7 finally sees the opening night of Lexi Howard's chaotic, messy, future-Tony award winning play based on the happenings at Euphoria High. Elsewhere in the episode, it looks like Jules smashes the video of her and Cal, and Maddy confronts Cassie who has locked herself in the bathroom again.

But the most troubling storyline that's featuring in next week's episode? Fez and Ashtray are about to be crossed by Custer and Faye.

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Euphoria season 2, episode 7 trailer: Fans worry about Fez and Ashtray
Euphoria season 2, episode 7 trailer: Fans worry about Fez and Ashtray. Picture: HBO

The episode 7 trailer opens with Lexi's narration: "I feel like I've lived most of my life in my imagination, taking the smallest moments and dreaming them up into something bigger. But I always have this feeling that at any moment, something horrible is going to happen."

The "something horrible" that Lexi might be foreshadowing? Yeah, it's definitely gotta be about Fez, right?

In the teaser, we see Fez promise Lexi that he'll be sitting in the front row. But, of course, just when the curtain is about to open, the camera shows an empty chair – presumably where Fez is supposed to have sat to watch the play.

It seems like Fez will be preoccupied at home instead, dealing with Custer who is about to drop Fez and Ash into the hands of the police investigating Mouse's murder.

Watch the Euphoria season 2 episode 2 and beyond trailer

In this week's episode of Euphoria (season 2, episode 6), we see Custer call Faye outside Fez's house and reveal to her that he's "helping out" the cops who already have their sights set on Fez and Ash. He then tells Faye that he'll be coming over to Fez's soon to "talk about some things" and that he needs Faye to stay out of it, presumably to make sure she's not implicated in anything.

In the trailer, Custer appears to make good on that promise (with a suspicious Faye possibly in on the whole thing too), and it looks like he's about to record the conversation to send to the police as evidence. Ashtray senses something is up and goes to sit alongside Custer.

Will Ash kill Custer before he has the chance to go to the police? Will Faye cross them? Will the police raid the house there and then? Will Faye die? Will Ash die? Will Fez die!? They better not!

The trailer for episode 7 has got everyone sweating about what might happen to Fez and Ash.

Only two episodes of Euphoria season 2 left and I am shaking. In the words of Lexi Howard, "this is it, people! It's fuckin' showtime!"

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