Jeremy O. Harris defends Euphoria creator Sam Levinson over rumours of drama on set

27 January 2022, 20:08

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Rumours and unconfirmed reports about tension on the set between Levinson and a few actors have circulated on social media.

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After rumours of drama on the set of Euphoria started circulating on the internet, Jeremy O. Harris has now urged fans to "stop reading bad gossip" about the alleged tension behind-the-scenes.

Playwright and actor Harris, who recently starred in Emily In Paris and Gossip Girl, is a co-producer on Euphoria season 2 and acted as consultant on the first season.

Harris took to TikTok yesterday (Jan 26) to defend director and writer Sam Levinson following rumours and unconfirmed reports of tension on the set, also mentioning the conversation surrounding Sydney Sweeney's interview about her nude scenes.

Fans have also been sharing another unconfirmed rumour that surfaced on Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi of an anonymous email that claimed Barbie Ferreira and Levinson had a disagreement over Kat's storyline in season 2.

Jeremy O. Harris urges fans to "stop reading bad gossip" about Euphoria
Jeremy O. Harris urges fans to "stop reading bad gossip" about Euphoria. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

In his video, Harris said: "I get on TikTok to have fun and ease my mind. And it's been really fun to see people talk about Euphoria and make theories and all sorts of other stuff."

He continued: "What's not fun is seeing people make up things about someone who's very close to me, who's been the best boss I've ever known, who's one of my best friends, who's son I'm the godfather of, on this app based on conjecture and gossip websites. Please stop doing that."

He then added: "Here's what you need to know about the Euphoria set. It's one of the safest sets and one of the most fun sets I've ever been on. The intimacy director on that show is fricking amazing and I know this because I've been working with her with myself on separate projects since I was in grad school."

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Jeremy O. Harris tells Euphoria fans to "stop reading bad gossip" about Euphoria

Harris then goes on to briefly discuss Sydney Sweeney's latest interview, where she praised the show's intimacy director and Levinson, saying she has "never felt like Sam has pushed it on [her]" to a do a nude scene. Fans had previously shown concern about the amount of nudity that Cassie, in particular, has shown throughout her storyline in the new season so far.

"If you actually read the article with Sydney, she says that she really loves working with Sam and it's been one of the best experiences of her career," Harris goes on to say in the video. "As far as the other article, working any job in your twenties is really emotional. Just remember that."

In the comment section of another video, Harris responded directly to a fan who asked if he could clear up the rumours about Sam and Barbie's alleged disagreement, saying "The only clarity needed is that they are rumors and you should be skeptical of them."

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