Euphoria fans confused after Laurie plot line is ‘forgotten’ in season 2 finale

2 March 2022, 15:56

Zendaya opens up about filming Rue’s intervention in Euphoria season 2

"Rue STILL owes a drug dealer 10k and the last episode really was doing up the end of a teen movie narration, I'm sick."

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Hello, is that the Euphoria season 2 help line? Yes, we'd like to report a missing plot point... Remember Laurie? The terrifying dealer who loans Rue a suitcase full of drugs in episode 3 then threatens her with kidnap if she doesn't pay her back? Of course you do, how could you forget?

Laurie was mentioned by name in the final episode of season 2 by Faye, who valiantly tried to frame her for the murder of Mouse as Custer's wiretapped phone listened to their conversation. But the woman who is still apparently waiting for Rue to pay up was absolutely nowhere to be seen.

With Laurie's serious threat still hanging over Rue, many fans were expecting Rue to reference the whole thing in some small way, or at least acknowledge that she still owes Laurie a lot of money.

That important detail seems to have been MIA over the last three episodes, and now viewers are confused over whether the Laurie storyline was low-key dropped or purposely left out of season 2 finale so it can be explored properly in Euphoria season 3.

What happened to Laurie in Euphoria season 2?
What happened to Laurie in Euphoria season 2? Picture: HBO via YouTube

What happened to Laurie in Euphoria season 2?

The last time viewers actually saw Laurie on screen was in episode 5, when Rue ended up stumbling to her house for help while going through withdrawal.

Laurie mentions the money and Rue offers to give her the stolen cash and jewellery she picked up while robbing a house and running from the police. Only wanting cash, Laurie then suggests Rue could sell her body to make money.

After Rue throws up, Laurie then proceeds to strip her, put her in the bath and give her a pretty hefty dose of (highly addictive) morphine. She ends up locking Rue in her apartment after she passes out, but Rue manages to escape the next morning.

That scene highlighted just how sinister Laurie's motives are, but ever since Rue jumped out the window and escaped, we haven't heard a peep from her at all. Three whole episodes have gone by without so much as a nod to the Laurie of it all.

What happened to the suitcase of drugs that Laurie gave Rue?

In episode 5, Rue asks her mum about the whereabouts of the suitcase while she's looking for some drugs. In the background, we hear Jules say that everything inside the suitcase (all $10,000 worth) has been flushed down the toilet.

Since that episode, the suitcase, the drugs and the money have not been brought up again. By Rue, Jules, Elliot, Leslie, Gia, Fez or even by Laurie herself.

The fans are f*cking confused, bro...

The reason why Laurie's presence may have been absent from the rest of the season could be down to the fact that Rue's ending was changed in the original script.

In a profile with The Cut, Zendaya explained that "the majority of the originally planned season was scrapped," adding that Rue's ending was actually much darker: "The ending of the season was going to be very different and then halfway through, Sam and I were like, ‘We just can’t leave Rue here. We gotta put some fucking hope in this show.’"

Rue's original ending in the season 2 script is yet to be revealed, and there's no confirmation that Laurie was even set to reappear, but that possible explanation certainly makes sense.

Euphoria season 2 finale seemed to 'forget' Laurie
Euphoria season 2 finale seemed to 'forget' Laurie. Picture: HBO via YouTube

Despite the disappointment from fans that season 2 did not reference the Laurie storyline in the final episode, many agree that Laurie's threat could play a much bigger part in Rue's season 3 storyline, especially now that Rue is clean and sober.

No details about Euphoria season 3 have been spilled just yet, but based on the amount of left over plot threads from season 2, it's gonna be mad.

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