Euphoria fans notice huge Nate and Cassie editing mistake in season 2 finale

2 March 2022, 12:13

Jacob Elordi says he tried not to laugh while filming Lexi’s play scene

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith


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Continuity errors are often part and parcel of TV and film production – and Euphoria fans have just managed to spot a pretty big one involving Nate Jacobs and Cassie Howard in the Euphoria season 2 finale.

The scene in question? Lexi's play. The characters involved? Nate, Cassie and the legendary Ms Suze Howard, a.k.a. Cassie and Lexi's mum. The continuity mistake? It happens shortly after Cassie storms the stage in front of a jam packed audience.

At that point in the episode, Nate has already stormed out and is no longer sitting in the theatre. Both Cassie and Suze are also now on stage, with one trying to throw hands at Lexi and the other trying to calm the situation.

But, as the camera pans over to the audience mid-Cassie meltdown, viewers can still see Suze screaming in her seat, and just over to the left of the screen, Cassie and Nate still sitting there watching on in horror. Oops.

Euphoria fans notice editing mistake with Nate and Cassie in season 2 finale
Euphoria fans notice editing mistake with Nate and Cassie in season 2 finale. Picture: HBO, @constancelangdonishot via TikTok

The continuity mistake was clocked and shared on TikTok by user @constancelangdonishot, with the clip gaining over 1.8 million views. The caption reads, "BOIIII THEY COULDNT HAVE EDITED THEM OUT OR SOMETHING???"

In the comments, one user wrote, "that's Massie and Tate," with another joking, "wow they look like they should have played Cassie and Nate's lookalikes".

Another fan wrote, "this is their Khaleesi Starbucks cup moment," referring to Game of Thrones' absolutely massive f*ck up in the final season of the show.

This one is decidedly less major than that one, but still noticeable enough for the audience to catch it.

Due to the fact that Lexi's play was filmed over a few weeks with countless different extras filling the seats in the theatre, there was bound to be continuity errors within some of those audience cut away shots.

Throughout Lexi's play, viewers have noticed a couple of errors regarding the extras who are sat near the main characters too. At one point, two completely different audience members are sat in front of and behind Maddy.

It was also revealed in one viral TikTok, shared by an extra who appeared in the scene, that Dominic Fike was unable to return for some of the audience shots, and ended up being replaced by an Elliot lookalike.

In this instance, it's possible that a shot with Nate, Cassie and Suze not sat in their seats was not filmed, which meant editors were unable to use it. No one from Euphoria has addressed the editing mishap just yet.

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