Euphoria's Maude Apatow addresses backlash over Fez and Lexi's age gap

28 February 2022, 16:57

Maude Apatow on why Lexi and Fez are perfect for each other

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Euphoria fans are concerned about Fez potentially being much older than Lexi in the show.

Maude Apatow has responded to criticisms of the age gap between Fez and Lexi in Euphoria and revealed what she thinks.

There's no denying that Fez (Angus Cloud) and Lexi (Maude Apatow) are the standout couple of Euphoria season 2. Many of the relationships in Euphoria are toxic but Fexi seem to genuinely care for each other. They don't take their baggage out on each other or hurt each other in the way that Rue and Jules, Cassie and Nate and other romantic duos in the show do.

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However, there has been some controversy surrounding Fez and Lexi's age difference and now Maude has addressed it.

How old are Fez and Lexi in Euphoria?

Euphoria's Maude Apatow addresses backlash over Fez and Lexi's age gap
Euphoria's Maude Apatow addresses backlash over Fez and Lexi's age gap. Picture: HBO

In the first season of Euphoria, we learn that Lexi is in the same school year as Rue. This would make her 16 or 17 years old depending on when her birthday is. Meanwhile, in season 1, episode 7, Nate claims that Fez "dropped out of school at 20" during a confrontation at Fez's convenience store. This would make Fez at least 20 years old but probably a little older.

Taking this into consideration, there's been some concern as to whether or not Lexi is a minor and whether or not, it's right for her to be in a relationship with someone who's Fez's age. Whether or not Lexi is a minor would depend on which state Euphoria is set in, but it's never actually revealed specifically where the fictional town of East Highland is in the USA.

Nevertheless, in Euphoria season 2, episode 2, Rue as the narrator says that Lexi "couldn't remember the last time someone her age asked her so many questions about herself". Angus Cloud also told GQ that Fez is "still a kid like everyone else", and just "a year older" than the others. This would make him 18 or 19.

In other words, either Nate was lying about Fez's age or the Euphoria team decided to change his age when writing Fexi's relationship arc. As opposed to having a four-year plus age gap, Fez and Lexi are likely just two years apart max in age.

What has Maude Apatow said about Fexi's age gap?

How old are Fez and Lexi in Euphoria?
How old are Fez and Lexi in Euphoria? Picture: HBO

Discussing the unclear age gap and the "backlash" to it with Entertainment Weekly, Maude said: "I don't think Fez is older. I think he's around the same age. Unless he's... You know what, I don't even know how old any of the characters are fully... but I think they're only like two years apart."

Maude then continued: "So I know people are saying that, but I think they're just assuming Fezco is older, but I don't think he is. I think he's around the same age as all of us."

When EW told Maude about Nate's comment, she said: "Does it say that he's 20 for sure?" She then added: "I feel like in my head he was 18."

Based on how Euphoria season 2 ends, the future of their relationship is unclear. What do you think? Do you ship Fexi?

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