Does Fez die in Euphoria season 2? The two devastating theories explained

21 February 2022, 14:49

Fez might die and Cassie and Maddy fight in Euphoria season 2, episode 8 trailer

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's both theories about Fez and Ashtray dying in Euphoria season 2, episode 8 explained.

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Well, it's almost over. Euphoria season 2 is set to come to an explosive close next week as the big finale episode drops on HBO. And thanks to the trailer, fans are now sweating over whether or not Fez will die.

All season long, fans have been concerned about the safety of Fez and his little 'brother' Ashtray. After an intense encounter with drug supplier Laurie's crew in episode 1, the gruesome murder of Mouse in episode 2, and the growing threat of Custer working with the police, all signs are pointing towards a very dangerous confrontation for the pair.

With the final episode now just days away, Lexi's play foreshadowing a devastating moment and a couple of shocking new images of Fez in the season 2 episode 8 trailer, fans are theorising that Fez and/or Ash will die in the season finale episode.

Does Fez die in Euphoria season 2?

Does Fez die in Euphoria season 2 episode 8?
Does Fez die in Euphoria season 2 episode 8? Picture: HBO

As we've seen in the trailer for the finale episode, the police end up raiding Fez and Ashtray's house after Custer reveals to Faye that he's been working with the cops to find out who killed Mouse. (It was Ash with the hammer in the living room, in case you forgot.)

It's pretty impossible to make sense of anything shown in the trailer, but what is clear is that the raid turns bloody, and at some point, Fez is lying on the ground, screaming, with blood splatters on his shirt and on his letter to Lexi.

Ashtray is nowhere to be seen in the trailer either, which has left fans worrying that he's in a serious amount of danger.

We won't know Fez's true fate until next week when the final episode airs, but several convincing theories have now popped up that all hint at both Fez and Ashtray's deaths.

Will Fez die in Euphoria season 2 finale?
Will Fez die in Euphoria season 2 finale? Picture: HBO

One popular theory circulating right now is that Fez may end up sacrificing himself in order to save Ash, and take the fall for Mouse's murder. The big bombshell revealed by Angus Cloud that Fez was supposed to die in season 1 has got fans thinking: Could his fate have been rewritten to see him die at the end of season 2 instead?

On the flip side, some fans think Ash will take the bullet for Fez and sacrifice himself in order to save his brother. Based on the fact that Ash is always ready to defend Fez at whatever cost, viewers are terrified that this might actually happen.

If Fez manages to survive the police raid, his season 3 storyline could revolve around getting arrested and getting payback from Custer who snitched on them in the first place. And if Ashtray dies, it could also motivate Fez to seek revenge and send him on a much darker, more ruthless path.

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So, will Fez end up dying in the season 2 finale episode? We'll have to wait and see.

Killing him off would be massively detrimental to the show as a whole because he's such a fan favourite character. Fans have already said that they'll stop watching if he dies.

His death also wouldn't be great for Rue either. Another devastating death to deal with? On top of everything else? It could see her spiralling even further into depression and drug use. There's also the unfinished storyline with Laurie, too. And Lexi! What about Lexi!? ...But when has that ever stopped Euphoria?

Everybody better start manifesting survival and good vibes for Fez and Ash... they're gonna need it!

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