Euphoria fans think Cassie is pregnant with Nate’s baby and it actually adds up

2 February 2022, 12:18

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

There have been multiple hints in Euphoria season 2 that Cassie could be pregnant with Nate's baby.

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Euphoria fans have a theory that Cassie is pregnant with Nate's baby and it sounds as though they may be onto something.

If you've been watching Euphoria season 2, chances are you've been stressed out by Cassie and Nate's secret relationship. Cassie and Nate begin seeing each other in private after Maddy and Nate break up. However, it quickly becomes clear that things between Maddy and Nate aren't really over, and yet, Cassie continues to sleep with Nate behind Maddy's back.

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Cassie is continually worried that Nate will leave her for Maddy and now fans think that she is either pregnant or is going to get pregnant to trap Nate.

Is Cassie pregnant in Euphoria season 2?

Is Cassie pregnant? The Euphoria season 2 theory explained
Is Cassie pregnant? The Euphoria season 2 theory explained. Picture: HBO

Why do fans think Cassie is pregnant? Well, first things first there was the scene in episode 2 where Nate literally fantasised about having kids with Cassie. Sydney Sweeney even wears a prosthetic pregnancy bump in the sequence. Could this be an easter egg? And then in episode 4, Cassie vomits over Maddy and Nate when they're discussing babies together.

Fans believe Cassie is doing to Nate what Marsha appeared to do to Cal when she realised that he was in love with Derek. Cassie is getting pregnant to sabotage a relationship. One fan tweeted: "No cause what if Cassie gets pregnant the same way Marsha did and Nate ends up stuck just like Cal before he gets the chance to come out".

In other words, it looks like Nate could be in the exact same situation as his dad.

Whether or not Cassie is already pregnant or will get pregnant later in season 2 remains to be seen. Chances are that Cassie wouldn't intentionally drink if she knew that she was pregnant but it's possible that Cassie will find out that she is pregnant in a couple of episodes time and decide to keep the baby.

Sydney Sweeney recently revealed that Alexa Demie accidentally broke her toe filming a dramatic Cassie and Maddy scene. What if Maddy finds out that Cassie is pregnant with Nate's baby and it ends with them fighting? With just four episodes of season 2 left, we should find out soon.

What do you think? Is Cassie pregnant with Nate's baby?

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