Did Ashtray die in Euphoria? Javon Walton thinks he is still alive after the season 2 finale

28 February 2022, 11:41

Angus Cloud reveals why Fez sacrifices himself for Ashtray in Euphoria

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Did Ashtray die in the Euphoria season 2 finale? Here's what Javon Walton has said about the fate of his character. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

WARNING: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Euphoria season 2, episode 8. Do not scroll down if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Javon Walton has opened up about the shocking Euphoria season 2 finale and confessed that he thinks that Ashtray is still alive.

Euphoria season 2 ends with a bang. While Lexi's play is going on, we see Custer attempt to get Fez and Ashtray to confess to Mouse's murder with a wire. However, Faye signals to Fez what is happening. Realising something is wrong, Ashtray then stabs Custer in the neck. Fez then tells Ashtray to run and says that he will say that he killed Custer to keep Ashtray safe.

However, Ashtray then grabs some guns and hides in the bathroom. When the police raid the house seconds later, Ashtray begins shooting at them through the bathroom door. A cop then approaches the bathroom but Ashtray, playing dead, then shoots him. Another police officer then aims a gun at Ashtray's head. We hear a gunshot and a body thud to the ground.

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In other words, it looks as though Ashtray has been shot dead. However, given that we never actually see Ashtray's dead body on screen, some fans think that he survived the finale. Now Javon, who plays him, has revealed what he thinks.

Is Ashtray dead in Euphoria?

Did Ashtray die in Euphoria? Javon Walton thinks he is still alive after the season 2 finale
Did Ashtray die in Euphoria? Javon Walton thinks he is still alive after the season 2 finale. Picture: HBO

Speaking to Esquire about Ashtray's fate in the finale, Javon said: "I just hope he's alive. Because I'm sure he didn't just get shot one time by taking cover in the bathtub and getting shot through the wall." He then added: "You know that Fez needs Ash, and Ash needs Fez. They both really rely on each other, so it's going to be really hard for both of them."

Confirming he thinks that Ashtray is alive, Javon then revealed what his hopes are for Ashtray and Fez in season 3. He said: "With Fez in jail, I feel like he's going to get out no matter what. I don't know how, but I feel like he's definitely going to be able to get out somehow and Ash is definitely going to find a way back to him."

Ashtray then explained further: "That's the person he cares about most to him. That's what I would want to happen, is for Ash and Fez to reunite. People love the Ash and Fez duo. The Fesh train!"

Javon also let slip that Fez died in the police raid "in earlier drafts" of the Euphoria season 2 finale.

Is Ashtray dead in Euphoria?
Is Ashtray dead in Euphoria? Picture: HBO

Now, based on how dark Euphoria is, something tells us that Ashtray won't be back for season 3. Still, Javon has said that he thinks Ashtray is still alive and we will cling on to whatever piece of hope we can. Euphoria without Ashtray? We don't want it.

What do you think? Is Ashtray dead or did he somehow manage to survive?

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