Euphoria's Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry say filming the police raid was "scary" and "real"

28 February 2022, 14:28

Chloe Cherry and Angus Cloud say filming the police raid in Euphoria was “scary”

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The Euphoria season 2 finale involves a terrifying police raid with Fez, Faye and Ashtray.

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Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry have opened up about filming the police raid at Fez's house in the Euphoria season 2 finale.

Outside of the drama at East Highland High, one of the main storylines in Euphoria season 2 revolves around Fez, Faye and Ashtray, and whether or not they'll get caught for Mouse's murder. Ahead of Euphoria season 2, episode 8, Custer actually reveals to Faye that he's working with the police, leading many to speculate that Fez, Faye or Ashtray would be killed.

Now, the Euphoria season 2 finale has aired and it culminates in a terrifying police raid involving Fez, Faye and Ashtray. According to Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry, who play Fez and Faye, it was just as scary to watch as it was to film.

WARNING: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Euphoria season 2, episode 8. Do not scroll down if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Euphoria&squot;s Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry say filming the police raid was "scary" and "real"
Euphoria's Angus Cloud and Chloe Cherry say filming the police raid was "scary" and "real". Picture: HBO

In episode 8, Faye signals to Fez to let him know that Custer appears to be recording their conversation. However, realising that something is wrong, Ashtray then slits Custer's throat open. Moments later, the police raid Fez's house and it all culminates with Ashtray shooting multiple police officers before seemingly being shot by one himself. Meanwhile, Fez and Faye both appear to survive.

Discussing the intense scene in HBO's Enter Euphoria, Chloe said: "Shooting the SWAT scene was super interesting. It felt very real." She then continued: "There were a couple of times where it was kinda scary and I thought, 'I'll just be actually scared during this moment.'"

Meanwhile, Angus said: "It was hectic. They had the dust falling on our heads. It was crazy. It felt real." He added: "At one point, they had the guns pointing at me. I was like... smokes. It was a sad day. Javon, that's my brother. That's fam."

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Chloe Cherry on Faye’s relationship with Fez and Ashtray in Euphoria

As for Faye's relationship with Fez and Ashtray, Chloe said: "Faye is like the missing piece that Ash and Fez never knew that they needed. The way that he treats Faye really shows another side of him. He genuinely wants to be a good loving person but it's the situation that we're in sometimes. That's why I wanted to save Fez... and 'cause Custer was a bitch."

Angus also said: "Life deals you the hand you have to play and sometimes good people are forced to do bad things. Fezco has a strong sense of his morals and he feels responsible to take care of Ashtray. He's just trying to protect the kid, where he takes the fall for everything to give his little brother that chance at life that he didn't really have."

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