Encanto fans spot incredible Easter Eggs on Mirabel's dress

7 January 2022, 21:00

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Did you notice all the hidden Madrigal details on Mirabel's dress?

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Disney's Encanto is packed to the brim with easter eggs and hidden details – and one of the best ones exists on Mirabel Madrigal's outfit.

Throughout Encanto, viewers have clocked that each of the family Madrigal members wear outfits that include symbols signifying their gift.

We see Isabela in florals, as well as patterns of weights, sound waves, chameleons and animals on Luisa, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio's outfits. Pepa wears sun earrings, Julieta has a mortar and pestle symbol on her dress, and Bruno's poncho includes an hourglass symbol too.

But even though she doesn't have a gift, did you manage to spot all the carefully chosen details embroidered onto Mirabel's traditional Colombian-inspired outfit? Yep, her costume low-key hinted at her role in the movie from the start.

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Encanto: Fans spot hidden details in Mirabel's skirt
Encanto: Fans spot hidden details in Mirabel's skirt. Picture: Disney via Alamy

As we know, Mirabel is a member of the Madrigal family that doesn't have a magical gift. Eventually she ends up playing a huge part in saving the family from losing their gifts, proving that she is just as special and important as the rest of them.

While viewers watch as Mirabel seems like she's drifting further away from her magical family, the clues for just how much she loves them, and is connected to them, existed on her dress the whole time.

Just as each member of the Madrigal's gift is illustrated in some way on their own costume, Mirabel's connection to her family is illustrated on hers too.

Abuela Alma doesn't technically have any special powers, but the Madrigal family candle is embroidered on Mirabel's skirt, signalling a key connection between Abuela, the family and all their gifts.

Small embroidered images of flowers (Isabela, obviously), a chameleon (a nod to Camilo's gift), a hand lifting a weight (Luisa's strength) and a sun, a rainbow and a cloud (all referring to Pepa's gift) are all visible on Mirabel's outfit.

We also see a tiger and a toucan too, referencing Antonio's gift of being able to speak to animals. They're even visible on Mirabel's skirt before we even find out what Antonio's gift is.

The details were also shared on Instagram by Encanto's Lead Costume designer Neysa Bove.

Fans have also theorised that the butterfly symbols that feature on Mirabel's outfit are a hint that she will one day take over from Abuela, being able to bestow magic to future Madrigal family members.

Butterflies feature in several places around the Casita, and there's also one on the candle itself. Abuela Alma's costume features a butterfly, and the butterfly is also seen as a nod to Pedro's too, symbolising rebirth, transformation and hope.

Honestly, this film just keeps getting better and better.

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