Emma Mackey Facts Revealed: Netflix's Sex Education Star’s Age, Margot Robbie Connection And Film List

14 January 2019, 16:16

Emma Mackey is making a name for herself on Netflix's Sex Education
Emma Mackey is making a name for herself on Netflix's Sex Education. Picture: PA

Netflix’s new series Sex Education has one brilliant cast and Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve, is no exception - here’s everything you need to know including where she’s from and where you’ve seen her before.

Sex Education is Netflix’s new big hit starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and the very talented Emma Mackey who plays Maeve.

The young actress, who is reportedly 20 years old, has captured the attention of many viewers tuning in to the new show leaving them with questions like where you’ve seen her before, where she’s from and how Emma is related to Margot Robbie.

Set to be a big rising star in the film world (watch this space) here’s everything you need to know about who Emma Mackey is:

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Emma Mackey movies and where you’ve seen her before

Just entering the world of stardom, Emma hasn’t actually worked on that many movies or TV shows just yet.

With her main role in Sex Education, she’s appeared on one other movie called Summit Fever. She’s also a model.

Is Emma Mackey related to Margot Robbie?

While the two ladies look extremely alike, that’s as far as their connection goes.

Emma Mackey from Sex Education on the red carpet
Emma Mackey has been compared to film star Margot Robbie. Picture: PA

Where is Emma from?

Both British and French, Emma’s dad is from France while her mum is from the UK.

She spent her early childhood in the North of France and headed to Leeds University.

Does Emma have a boyfriend?

Very private about her personal life, it’s unknown whether the young actress has a partner.