Emily In Paris Soundtrack: All The Netflix Series Songs

5 October 2020, 16:36 | Updated: 28 July 2022, 17:35

The official trailer for Emily in Paris on Netflix

'Emily In Paris' has hit Netflix and everyone's obsessed with the quirky characters, fashion and the dreamy soundtrack. Here's every song from the ten episodes of series 1.

Emily In Paris has arrived on Netflix to give us seriously itchy feet and get annoyed all over again lockdown has prevented us from travelling and discovering new places.

But, in the mean time, we have incredible soundtrack to keep us occupied whilst he wistfully Google images of Paris and living vicariously through Lily Collins.

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People are loving the 'Emily In Paris' soundtrack
People are loving the 'Emily In Paris' soundtrack. Picture: Emily In Paris/ Netflix

Here's a break down of the music from each episode so you can whack on the playlist and do your best impression of someone living it up in Paris whilst definitely sitting your bedroom.


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how can two people.....be so beautiful.......👀

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Episode 1

‘Afterglow’ – Chelsea Jade
‘Ce soir’ – Kumisolo
‘Summer in Paris’ – Oliver Charles Horton, Garo Nahoulakian and Bea Parks
‘Lunatique’ – Stereo Total
‘Real Good Time’ – Nada Funk
‘The Break’ – Etella
‘Aujourd’hui’ – Henning Specht
‘Rumours’ – Alan Fitzpatrick
‘Ce sera bien’ – Nicole Louvier
‘Christine’ – Juniore
‘La Paix’ – Barbagallo

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going✈️paris! see u tomorrow 💕

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Episode 2

‘Dans La Radio (Futuro Pelo Remix)’ – Jacques
‘Je suis (Tu hais)’ – KIZ
'Where Is My Ego? (Dim Sum Remix)’ – Husbands
‘Is It Funk?’ – Trunkline
‘Remedy’ – DATAvBÄSS
‘Dream’ – Husbands
‘Time’ – EllaHarp
‘Again’ – The George Kaplan Conspiracy
‘Bunga Bunga’ – Nous Non Plus
'Standing in This Dream’ – My Dear

Episode 3

‘Magnifique’ – Emily in Paris
‘Big Future’ – Obliques
‘Vers les tombes’ – Chevalrex
‘Rouge Soleil’ – Ravages

Episode 4

‘Love in Suburbia’ – Danny Connors
‘Cyclop’ – Exsonvaldes & Helena Miquel
‘Je Ne Said Pas Pourquoi’ – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
‘Let’s Always Stay in Love’ – Meghan Smith
‘L’amour’ – Selectracks
‘Mango Tango’ – Werner Tautz
‘Ce Soir Je M’en Vais’ – Slove Feat. Maud Geffray
‘Saint Germain’ – AMAURY LOUVET
‘Pretty Boy’ – Cavale
‘Le Temps Est Bon’ – Isabelle Pierre

Episode 5

‘Rendez Vous’ – La Plage
‘Je Ne Said Pas Pourquoi’ – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
‘Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher’ – Muguette
‘Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)’ – Yumi Zouma
‘Amour Dans Le Motu’ – La Femme
‘Diving’ – Art School Girlfriend
‘Touche-Moi’ – Stereo Total

Episode 6

‘Chandelier’ – Sia
‘Bien Que Paris Sois Gris’ – Selectracks
‘Girls Pop’ – Tele Music
‘La vie en rose’ – Édith Piaf
Poly’ – Neutron
‘Pas de Six (6), Act III, No. 19 from Swan Lake – Westar Classical Music WCM 09: Passion & Romance
‘Dance of the Cygnets’ – Swan Lake
‘Espiègle’ – Tchaikovsky

Episode 7

‘Loin De Toi’ – Cyril Giroux Feat. Chloé Lacan
‘Goodnight Little Empire‘ – Madonnatron
‘Mister Syncope’ – Bikini Machine
'Hit Sale’ – Therapie TAXI Feat. Roméo Elvis
‘La route’ – Juniore

Episode 8

‘Le Zou’ – Hyperclean
‘Yéyé St-Tropez’ – Claire Marcelle
‘Paris Tropical’ – Minuit
‘Une Évasion’ – Laure Briard
‘Viens La’ – Clare and Olivier Manchon

Episode 9

‘C’est Si Bon’ – Eartha Kitt
‘Let’s Go To Work’ – Electro Deluxe
‘Atrocities’ – Antony and The Johnsons
‘Bad Dreams’

Episode 10

‘Let’s Always Stay in Love’ – Meaghan Smith
‘Mes amis’ – Selectracks
‘Paris-Rome’ – Massimo Guadalupi
‘Pulse’ – The Venice Connection
‘Burst Into Flames’ – Cavale
‘De Profundis (Ni Fleurs, Ni Couronnes)’ – Delphine Volange
‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ – Edith Piaf

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