Ellie Diamond: Drage Race UK Star's Instagram, Age & Dundee Drive Thru Job

21 January 2021, 16:19

Ellie Diamond is making huge waves on Drag Race UK- here's her Instagram account
Ellie Diamond is making huge waves on Drag Race UK- here's her Instagram account. Picture: Instagram @elliediamondofficial/ Drag Race UK BBC

Ellie Diamond is blowing everyone away with her incredible make-up skills and runway looks, so let's answer all your burning questions about the Scottish 'Drag Race UK' star.

Ellie Diamond is already making huge waves on series 2 of Drag Race UK, already known by the other queens for her immaculate make-up looks and seriously professional Instagram page.

The Dundee queen isn't the only Scot in the competition as Lawrence Chaney, hailing from Glasgow is also battling it out for the title of the UK's next drag superstar.

Let's find out everything to know about the youngest queen in the competition who is already turning heads...

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How old is Drag Race UK star Ellie Diamond?

At just 21-years-old, Ellie Diamond is the youngest queen competing for the crown, but this doesn't seem to be any type of disadvantage- in fact, quite the opposite!

Scrolling back on her Instagram feed, she's been doing drag for years already which her runway looks so far have more than proven.

What is Ellie Diamond's Instagram handle?

Already verified and with 43k followers and counting, Ellie Diamond has already established a massive online presence thanks to her flawless aesthetic and beyond polished looks.

Whether she's dressing up as a woodland fairy or Cruella Deville, every single shot is glam perfection and a priceless skillset to bring into the competition.

Instagram: elliediamondofficial

Twitter: @elliediamond101

Where is Drag Race UK star Ellie Diamond from?

Ellie Diamond is from Dundee, Scotland and their day job is working at a Drive Thru!

Introducing themselves to world, Ellie Diamond said:

"By day I fund my drag through my work at a drive-through fast food place, but believe me, my uniform is customised and I sashay to that counter! I would love to be dressed like this 24/7."

How tall is Ellie Diamond? Drag Race UK star's impressive height!

Ellie Diamond stands at a whopping 6ft 4 and towers over some of the other queens, so she'll never be missed!

Catch her on Drag Race UK which airs on BBC iPlayer every Thursday at 7pm!

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