10 Tiny Details From 'To All The Boys' That You Definitely Missed The First Time

24 August 2018, 18:08

To all the boys details
Picture: Netflix/screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Kitty's necklace. What a little legend!

Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before has had fans wishing for their very own Peter K since the movie dropped on August 17 (and before then with the iconic book series). Besides the adorable love story between Lara Jean and Peter, there are so many cute little details that we had to watch a second and third time to really notice.

Just in case you were swept away by the heart warming high school romance, here are a few details you probably missed the first time around.

1) Lara Jean's lock screen is actually a photo of Noah and Lana taken on set.

Noah and Lana lockscreen
Picture: via Netflix Screenshot

The pair were getting some rest in between scenes and someone snapped the adorable photo of the pair. SO cute.

2) Did you notice Kitty's "Feminist" necklace?

Kitty's necklace
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

Kitty wears a necklace that says "feminist" through out the film, even in that scene when she calls her dad "Dr. Man" and references "The Goddess within". We love an icon.

3) There's a set of three paintings in the Covey house that look like they represent the three sisters!

To All The Boys paintings
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

There a little sister, a middle looking one, and one that looks older. In the scene where Lara Jean looks into Margot's room, the camera lingers on the paintings as if to mark their significance.

4) In the scene where Peter tells Lara she looks pretty, the song playing is called "Beautiful" by Viigo.

Lara Jean and peter k
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

Just another example of how much the AMAZING soundtrack ties into the movie.

5) Jenny Han, the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before makes the BEST cameo.

jenny han cameo
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

In the background of the school dance, the author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before can be seen smiling behind Lara Jean and Lucas James.

6) The timing of the party makes no sense.

Lara Jean and Peter attend the party and it's pretty clear that it takes place at night. When they arrive at the party, it's ALREADY night time.

To all the boys i've loved before
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

Afterwards, they grab a bite to eat and have a heart to heart. When Lara Jean gets back home, she sees that Peter posted their selfie from the party. When you look at her phone's time it says 6:02 pm.

Peter K Instagram
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

That means Lara Jean attended a high school party, went to dinner, AND got home all before 6:30 pm. Efficient!

7) Noah Centineo improvised THAT popcorn scene.

via Netflix

We love a king who is aware of their surroundings.

8) Lara Jean was SO sprung off kissing Peter, the good sis went to bed wearing makeup.

Lara Jean
Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

This is AFTER she brought along Korean face masks to keep herself occupied during the ski trip. See, Lara Jean, she's just like us.

9) Chris is seemingly obsessed with Subway.

Picture: via Netflix/Screenshot

We know it's product placement but it's still kind of funny that the only things we really know about Lara's BFF is that she likes...music (???) and Subway.

10) Lara Jean owns a Harry Styles pillow and wow, she really is a stan too.

Lara Jean has a messy room and loves Harry Styles. Lara Jean is you.